The last thing you bought on Amazon or eBay

Dental pick and nail clippers

Elastic bandage wraps and spicy chili crisp

Those plastic snap buckles. My dawg’s blaze orange hunting jacket has a lost buckle, so I’m going to put a new one on so that dawg has a nice snug fit.

Lightbulbs and smart plugs

Does Etsy count? I had a shaving scuttle for years, and I’m not saying someone else broke the handle but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me. Anywho, I found a replacement from a small shop in Florida and bought that.

Prior to that, my last purchase on Amazon was $110 worth of light bulbs for the new bathroom, ouch. Home Depot stopped carrying the Philips bulbs I like and I haven’t found them anywhere else locally.

Silicone silent tags for mah kittehs. They didn’t used to like to wear anything, but they are comfortable with their silicone collars. But I had to rip off the bells, since the one kept running around in a frenzy, “ahhh! The bells of death! They’ve come for me!!!”

puppy pee pad

Had a gruesome experience with one of our dogs years ago. Put a bark collar on it in an attempt to slow down the barking. Well, wasn’t my idea, but OK. The dog ended up cowering under my desk. Then I realized two things - I tried the collar on my hand and it was a serious shock. And, the dog’s other tags were setting it off randomly. Yeah, the dog was getting electrocuted hard, just walking around. Pulled it off and threw it out, but still feel pretty shitty over the memory.
Now I just shriek “SHUT THE F UP!” at the dog when it barks, then my spouse yells “STOP YELLING AT THE DOG IT"S NOT HELPING” and then I yell at my spouse “THEN SHUT YOUR DOG UP I"M TRYING TO WORK”. So anyway, that’s the method we’re trying out right now.

Jaspess II’s dogs are quite barky. The one in particular will quiet down after being scolded to hush, but not before getting one last bark in, as if to say “last word haha” before proceeding to get a bite of food. “Getting the last word makes me hungry.”

Metal canteen.

And some fluoride supplements.

Awwwww yeah.

A couple of long USB-A to USB-C cables.

(I like that gadgets are now standardizing on a common power interface…but the cords included with some gadgets are just too darned short.)

If we’re going outside of Amazon and ebay, a passenger-side mirror, a replacement car speaker, wipers, air filters, cabin filters, a nebulizer shaped like a firetruck, and I treated myself to a vst musical instrument pack of celeste, glockenspiel, toy piano, and kalimba for use in playing Christmas-y songs at December gigs. Modartt: Celeste

Chesterton’s Orthodoxy on Kindle and audio.

Self stirring mug. Wanted a Cocomotion but that sucker is now $250. We will see if this works for single servings. That pink thing that they show spinning looks like a metal pill that you drop in and it is held in place and spun by a magnet/motor under the bottom of the mug.


In 1988 since I was a good chemistry student in high school, I got a nerd’s best summer job: working in a USDA poultry research lab. I got to make all sorts of cool chemicals and they would use this technology to mix the liquids together, so I’m sure the technology is at least 30+ years old… That being said I’m sure it’s slightly fascinating to watch.

Did you get the initials “JSA” etched onto it? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: #Rickson

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Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus Dish Liquid Soap, Fresh Citrus Scent

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see, this right here is the problem. you’re wasting f-bombs on the dog and going soft on the spouse, so she’s not quite getting the message. Gotta go full Andrew Dice Clay on her so she knows you actually mean it.

Lol, yeah, except not in this house. In reality, I don’t yell at my dog, because what does that accomplish. Might raise my voice a bit to be heard over the barking, but that’s it. And yelling at my spouse? Oof. That’s not going to end well for me. I didn’t marry a quiet mousy type lol.

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