The last thing you bought on Amazon or eBay

aquamarine crystal

A scale.

A fly fishing rod on Amazon because it was free because I’m part of the vine program. I’ve never been fly

Looking forward to your review. :popcorn:

If you look at vine reviews on Amazon, some of them are just mechanical, this is what’s in the box etc. people in the program just order to resell.

I’ll have my son try it out, he knows how to fly fish.

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We drove by some fly-fishers while driving through Colorado yesterday. I tried it a few times when I lived in Idaho. Good way to kill some time if you’ve got time to kill I guess. Never caught anything, but the scenery was spectacular.

In my continued de-evolution into a mass-consuming amazon consumer, arriving today I have:

  • an ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry and dental appliances
    • fuse holder for the boat
    • wireless lavalier microphone (for work videos)
  • mini 8" battery powered chainsaw
    • large parachute cargo bag.

The only thing I paid for was the fuse holder.
earlier this week it was:

  • gym equipment storage rack
    • baby sleep sack
  • portable garment rack (I moved all my hunting clothes out of my bedroom closet into the gun storage closet.
  • trolling reel
  • high end skipping rope (thought I’d try that since I can’t run right now)
    • obds2 scanner for the car.

what a pile of crap that I don’t actually need. But it’s all free, so sometimes it’s just stuff I want but wouldn’t pay for, or sometimes it’s stuff I just review and throw on FB for $50 and throw that in my fishing with nerds kitty.


That sounds awesome, I have a gas powered chainsaw and honestly, an 8" battery powered guy would really cover like 90% of my needs.

I have a 20 inch Stihl because what else would I have? My brother in law cuts firewood for pay, I’m going to take a pic and send it to him once it comes in lol.

I’ve actually got a tree branch I need to cut that the big saw is too big for, so this is perfect. After I cut that, I dunno, either on marketplace or my son wants it to clear branches for his deer tree stands. To which I normally reply, it’s right there in marketplace for 50 bucks buddy.


emerald crystals

A funky screwdriver for taking apart a Nintendo switch. It’s been overheating and I think if I give it a cleaning it should get better.

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A crate for my e-bike, it’s the quick release MIK system so I won’t leave it on all the time, but perfect for shopping.

And a Kryptonite bike lock, my other bike is 15+ years old and a cheap lock was fine, but I’d like a little more security for the e-bike.

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mink oil for my wallet

New brakes for an old mtn bike. New side rails for a Nintendo switch. I accidentally severed the connection with the old ones when I took it apart to clean it out. Fixed the overheating problem but now we can’t use the side controllers. Will try to get it working in a couple of days. Wish me luck; those screws are tiny!

air filter, cabin filter

My bike lock and crate arrived, got the crate mounted on the rack over the rear fender. Sweet merciful crap, the lock is huge. It’s the one that the Lock Picking Lawyer uses, figured that was a decent endorsement. Nobody is stealing this thing now, I will dominate the city on it. The rack is maybe 12 x 16 x 8, big enough to fit two grocery bags roughly. Perfect for quick runs to the hardware store or a mid-week grocery run.


A new set of Sony earbuds for my wife. Her last set made it about seven years and she uses them a ton so that was a good run. Snagged a set of refurbs for $140.

Weaslette had a field day shopping prime day deals yesterday. Way too many items to list here. Keeping the shipping companies in business.

Cold brew coffee maker

I had two, STBX broke one in the phase while we were divorcing but still living together, and they had been discontinued.

eBay to the rescue!!! Got the exact same one cheaper than the first two at Amazon (although it was close with shipping) that was new in the box. Phew!

Now I have to guard these two with my life. Hmmm… maybe I should keep an eye out for a third to be backup… :thinking:

A backup for the backup?

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