The last thing you bought on Amazon or eBay

I was thinking something like this, is this not a decent enough helmet? It’s $65 and Snell approved - I know Snell because they also test motorcycle helmets and are more stringent than the DOT. Is there something else I should be looking for here?

Or I can buy a cheap helmet, crash, and then maybe I won’t be able to math anymore so it won’t matter.

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That is a perfectly cromulent helmet.
You can probably spend a lot more to get something that is a tiny bit lighter or has more air vents, but this should work fine.


Edit: what Triweasel said or read this:

Safety wise, I think any helmet sold is going to be sufficient. I heard that once from a reputable source-either sales guy at freewheel or talking head on tv. Bc
The big money is in comfort and fit and where you purchase it (I.e., how much markup) .

I always bought my helmets at freewheel bike store (6th & cedar MPLS). Markups are huge but the help/customer service is huger, so I’ve always been willing to pay for that. I was also able to get advice on what helmet vented better to help reduce sweat .

I’ll share with you one piece of advice that I got directly from Marcy at Freewheel. I was looking at a really expensive piece of equipment and I wondered out loud, “is that thing really worth $1,200”? And she said, emphatically, “Yes, it is, but you need to answer the question, ‘is it worth $1,200 to you (I.e., me)?’” That advice has stuck with me. You might not benefit from a more expensive helmet and you don’t have to apologize for that.

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Someone is paid to do some endorsements . . .

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I endorse @Vorian_Atreides as Supreme Ruler for Life.

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Yeah, we have a local place, also more expensive than online but they also service my bike (and the rates for that are very reasonable). So I’d like them to stay in business (can’t get bikes serviced on Amazon) and I buy everything bike-related from them. They also have arguably the best biscuits & gravy in town and I’ve gone there to work when my home is under construction. It’s a unique store for sure, I think I’ll head down there for dinner and a helmet tonight.


New helmet secured. I grabbed a burger and a pint while I was in there. My family was running some errands so I figured eating there was reasonable.


boxer shorts. kinda too loose

i bought some metatarsal guards. they lace onto shoes and protect most of your foot from some impact. for the young umpires I know who won’t invest in plate shoes, these will be better than nothing.

Got a new kickstand for one of the kid bikes. It’s arriving in 2 days!

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My granddaughter loves playing with smartwatches. So I just bought one for her. Might’ve jumped the gun on that one since she’s only 8mos old.

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I’d been eying a direct box (transformer for matching some musical instrument signals to what a PA expects) for a long time and the price has always been identical anywhere I’d looked, until last night, when Amazon dropped $50. I ordered it, then went to back to Amazon to see when it was expected to come and the price had already gone up $50. Nice timing.

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I’m not sure about this exact part, but I recommend checking out Parts Express for these types of things as well. Solid shop with great prices, I’ve shopped with them for 20 years.

Or it was a sucker sale since they’re looking to drop the price $150 next week.

some parks and rec, dunder mifflin and dillon panthers tshirts on aliexpress

I got a bike bell on Amazon. My e-bike came with one, and it seems a little more… I don’t know, polite than just yelling ‘on your left’ to pedestrians. So I ordered a similar bell for my non-electric bike.

I mentioned at supper that we buy too much from Amazon. I got a lecture about what my spouse just bought was half the price of Walmart. Then I got a pointed comment about the fact I just had a box delivered and what the heck was that anyway. I laughed so hard I kinda choked, because it was a duplicate of the watch I was already wearing, just with a square face lol. Talk about unnecessary.

(In my defence, both the watch I was wearing and the watch I got today were free).

Just got a couple of covers for the spare tires I have piled up on the side of the house. Snow tires were already in plastic bags, but those were deteriorating. I got a new set of rims/tires for racing so the old set that I am going to use in the winter needed something better than a shred of tarp that kept falling off.

Tried to buy elsewhere, but the free shipping at Amazon is too good to pass up.

Here’s a list of the recent stuff I’ve gotten from amazon vine (program where they send me stuff for free, in exchange for a review):

  • Fishing lures
  • Gun Rack
  • trail cameras
  • smart watch (got two of them)
  • snake inspection camera, one of those cable things you can fish down a drain and view on your phone
  • mame video game (roku-looking unit that plugs into hdmi and has about 20,000 vintage video games)
  • a 50ft coil spring garden hose
  • bike tail light
  • one of those round video lights for recording videos (I use it for work)
  • snow sled for my granddaughter
  • toddler swim vest
  • car phone charger (usb-c and apple) with retractable chords.
  • childs smart watch
  • large camera tripod
  • power drill adapter that drills ice anchors, used for my ice fishing tent.
  • karaoke/bluetooth speaker
  • a third smartwatch
    What a pile of consumer crap lol. I’m pushing some of it out to FB.