The last thing you bought on Amazon or eBay

Flux capacitors

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Travel condiment containers, sweatpants, bristle dental picks.

from Aliexpress I got
Fallout tshirt
Peace was never an option meme tshirt
fishing hooks
$15 backpack
$15 fishing reel

I bought a big bag of dirt from a nearby company. They’ll deliver it to my driveway and I get to keep the bag or get a $5 refund on my next order. In order to keep getting that $5 I’m going to be perpetually buying bags of dirt, mulch, compost, rocks, or something from them.


culantro seeds (etsy)
thai basil seeds
spinach seeds

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I think they delivered your dirt here in Milwaukee. Are you sure that you got your’s?

It’s scheduled for tomorrow…maybe they’re picking it up from MKE.

Well, I ordered “An invitation to Indian Cooking”, but they sent me some other Indian cookbook by the same author. And when I try to order the right book, it says I just bought it. But when I go to look at my recent orders, it says the book they actually sent me. So I guess their database is messed up and they think they are the same book.

Super annoying. Now I have to wrap the wrong one and send it back, and maybe if I wait a month for them to straighten it out, I can buy the book I want.


Just bought a new bike helmet. Some jerk swiped mine today. Been commuting by bike for years and never had anyone mess with my crusty bike helmet and worn-out gloves. Until today!

Will need to borrow one of my kid’s helmets for the next couple of days. Or I could wear my full-faced downhill helmet to work. Pfft.

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FWIW, you should replace your helmet every few years if it gets used regularly . Your old one probably won’t provide enough protection anymore and the asshole who swiped it will suffer even more brain damage when he crashes into the pavement.

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Here’s hoping. I was planning on getting a new one anyway. Had to ride home without a helmet today though. Felt weird.

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It’s crazy how that is.

Thanks for the reminder, mine is past its useful life. To the bike shop.

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Just bought a drill attachment to drive spikes into the ice for my ice fishing tent. A bit late in the season, but hey there’s always next year.

Just wearing a helmet wears it out? I thought it only needed to be replaced after a fall.

Maybe that was just equestrian helmets. They got replaced on the regular.

Yeah from all the sweat/body heat I imagine.

I’m going off of memory, but a long long long time ago I read something about 10 years. When I inquired about that a long long time ago from Marcy at Freewheel (6th & Cedar MPLS) she said that would only be if it’s not used and sits on a shelf. Rather, manufacturers recommend replacing it every three years . (That “three” is what I recall her telling me. It might not be accurate.)

[red text]Just like with vaccines, you need to do your own research.[/or is it?]

I will admit that I recall hearing I should replace it every five or ten years or something but don’t know the science. This seems like a reasonable article from the NYT. I’d say the jury is still out a bit, but spending $60 every decade or so… feels about right. My helmet is over ten years old so I’ll look into a new one.

They certainly should be replaced after any sort of impact to the helmet.

But I think one of the main reasons often given for “regular replacement” is the “advances” made to helmet design to better protect your noggin.

While the polystyrene core (the main protective material) is stable and doesn’t degrade all that quickly, repeated “banging around” over time that we often don’t regard as impactful (because it’s not a “crash”) can have that degrading impact of a single crash. But this is often not a “good selling” point given most people will over-estimate their own levels of care in this space.

I think you’re in for a bit of sticker shock.

Not if he buys a helmet once every 30 years and spreads that cost out over that time frame.