The Kids Thread

lol. well i’ve done it like three times ever.

What NerdAlert said

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I am not an early childhood learning expert, but my guess is you risk more by getting them frustrated than you gain with the additional practice. I’d let their interest drive the activiity. You only have so much time with them.

Learning about mass and capacity now so might throw this one into the ring. It sounds like fun for a kid.

Agree with this. At this point I think I am just getting into the habit of helping her out a bit (while keeping it fun). She much prefers being out of the house doing active things in nature (which we enocurage) vs inside going over a few math puzzles.


Oldest son (11.5) got his first taste of mowing the yard at his mom’s house yesterday. He insists wearing all black hoodies and pants in 90 degree weather isn’t hot.


Kids wear the dumbest things. My son (10) wore shorts all winter long as part of a competition with a classmate to also do so. Meanwhile my oldest (12) wears pants and a sweatshirt even when it’s hot out. I think that that is middle school driven modesty, as she is planning on wearing crop tops at art camp over the summer.


i like it!


Is your son me? Granted, I live where the temp rarely gets below 50F

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those kids are revered in MN


So proud of our little one. She is not even 5 yet and is ice skating already.

I learned to skate at 6 (Norway), so am happy she improved on my timeline.


Seriously dude, get her a properly fitting brain bucket. I’d think you’d highly value your kid’s frontal lobe.

My kid did a faceplant and we’d likely have been dealing with a broken nose and missing teeth if not for a properly fitting helmet. Escaped that scooter wreck with a bloody nose and a few scratches instead.


I am going to get one properly fitted for her but she was just adamant about keeping her old shark helmet.

I tried many times to get her to replace it but the crying just became too much. She would not skate without that helmet.

So now, because she is outgrowing her helmet, we are going to replace with a proper fitted one.

I know its not a perfect solution. But there is not a lot we can do given the situation. :frowning_face:


That’d go over like refusing to be buckled up in the car or improper life vest.


You can get her a bigger shark helmet that fits properly.

If you can find the same one just swap it out without telling her. See if she even notices.

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Gretzky was 2.
Kids learn things a lot faster when they’re younger and closer to the ground. Parents hold kids back moreso than encouraging them.

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This was actually my first sneaky idea.

We were not able to find the same helmet type in a larger size unfortunately.

Have found a place here in London that personalises helmets so will shamelessly bribe her by adding her name and her current favourite dinosaur motif.

Closer to the ground and weigh less. Also stepping on Lego is nbd when you weigh 40 pounds.

My kid could independently propel around the rink at age 3 but the technique was more running than gliding.

Sharper blades needed imo

Didclaimer: i am not a Canadian.

Its funny watching them “fast walking” on ice with their coach.

Its normal when you first start as you have no concept of using edges to propel yourself.

Little one is growing quickly, she was 1m last year (May 2023), and she is now 1.10m this year (May 2024) so have made an appt for her helmet and other assorted gear in London. She definitely needs more customised gear now.

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