The Kids Thread

SPOILER ALERT! Come on, leave a little bit o’ mystery for the rest of us, will ya???

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Don’t know if you folks have an app that the school sends you updates from (day to day updates and any personal updates).

We have Seesaw, so have been tracking things for the little one.

The “boys” are very disruptive in class and our little one doesn’t like it (mentions it to the teacher all the time. She is turning into Mrs. Goody Goody).

Sometimes I have to pinch myself on how much the world/life has evolved since my time as a 4 year old in Norway. This was 40+ years ago (damn I feel old).

This one has me a bit speechless. Bullies went from taking your lunch money and punching you to geometric insults?

Give me your best comeback!


You don’t deserve my best comeback. You get the Dollar General special.

Hexagons are the bestagons!


Some women would kill to have a hexagonal face!

My face is too round, I’d kill for some angles.

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He dies of natural causes.

Our little one found a dead cricket at home (we think the cats got him in the veranda).

She was fascinated by the cricket and insisted on bringing it to school the next day for her friends to see.

So we ended up bring it in a secured jar to school, and the kids absolutely loved it.

Kids can be so curious about things like this.

Broad question,

But do any of you folks use numicon to teach kids math-based skills (age 4-7)?

No… Someone got us something like that, but we never did jack with it. I think also she played with some square/cube things in Montessori, but also didn’t learn anything. We also watched “number blocks” which was also pretty stupid. I think the concept is cool, if you do something meaningful out of it.

Occasionally I ask her challenging math questions, but not often enough. And it’s surprisingly hard to find any book of them.

Last time I gave her a tough question was about cats chasing each other.

I asked how far they get before one catches the other and… she got stumped by Zeno’s paradox, which made me lol.

Advice seeking: re: flying with kids…

Best seating arrangement for 2 adults 2 kids when the plane will have 3 seats on either side of the aisle? I thought 4 across with the lone aisle seat being a parent. Wife says 2&2.

What day the AO? Ages 5 & 2, neither having flown before.

2 & 2 gets my vote. And if one is hard and the other easy, trade out midway through the flights.

The last time we flew with our kids, we did 3&1 because I was going for work so I couldn’t book us together. It was fine because the kids are older and occupy themselves, but I wouldn’t have wanted to attempt it 5 years ago.


2 & 2 works well.


Btw, I do like trying to teach number sense. Even infants are able to distinguish quantities. But past that it seems like kids (ages 2-5?) don’t get math at all. They can count from 1-20 no problem, but it’s less like they get cardinality, and more like they are singing a little song that ends at 20.

I will be the first one to admit teaching a toddler math is hard lol

She can count to 20 and I have started teaching how to add blocks (visually seeing the “math” seems to help).

But yes, its reeeeeally slow going. You have to be very patient with them as they also get frustrated quite easily.

I don’t honestly remember what I did. But I might try to avoid numbers. Just ask things like which pile has more blocks. What if you combined them? Etc.

For science, my favorite project has always been to ask my kid about which objects sink and which objects float. I let her pick any number of things, make a guess, and toss them into the bath. As she’s gotten older, we’ve formalized the game a bit, with me writing down her hypotheses and explanations, and so on. She really, really struggles to make progress. And the facts don’t stick with her. Even things like: rocks/metal sink and wood floats… have surprised her again and again. Never-mind exceptions, or explanations, or anything like that.

I’ve held her hand through the process a few times, just so she doesn’t get annoyed. Of course holding her hand is basically ruining the science. But since it doesn’t sick with her anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter much.

You’re a better parent than me.