The covid cooties club

I’ve seen multiple anecdotal reports of Pavloxid not being prescribed for people at risk, and it doesn’t make sense to me.

What ao_fan said. It’s stupid to wait. Either it’s not a good idea, or you should start the pavloxid ASAP.

Yeah, I mean, she’s very healthy normally so I think the doctor has hesitant to give it to her since I guess she’s not technically at elevated risk. But she needed an inhaler that day 1, so the fact that he was okay giving it to her day 2 just makes no sense to me.

Are there extreme side effects where its a bad idea to given paxlovid?

People are considered elevated risk just for being over 50.

I’m also scratching my head over this one. Hope she recovers quickly.

One of my sisters just joined the cooties club. Her doc immediately prescribed her Pavloxid via telemedicine. She’s under 50, with only a couple of risk factors (a little overweight, smoker).

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No idea, and is there really ever a bad idea to give paxlovid? I thought it was strictly due to supply issues that you needed to be “elevated risk” to get it.

My Mom’s breathing and sleep significantly improved within 24 hours of taking the drug. Her only risk factor is that she is over 50 I guess and she thinks it’s working just fine for her.

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I think she meets the definition of “elevated risk” merely by being over 50 though. Her doctor was being a jerk.

I think the actual CDC rules around Paxlovid are 65+ or an “underlying condition”, but it was approved for anyone >12 years old and more than 88 lbs.

But there isn’t a shortage of it anymore like there was in Jan/Feb and you can get it at pretty much any pharmacy now.

Even POTUS is pushing it and he mentions no restrictions

2 things are true.

  1. Doctor is a jerk

  2. CDC has too many arbitrary rules around Covid and the who can/cannot get things

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I have a friend who discussed pavloxid with her doctor, who thought the risk of it damaging her liver was greater than the expected benefit. She’s about 30, but she’s extremely obese, so i was surprised by that. She got better fairly quickly, with no lingering problems, though, so it all turned out fine.

My son’s doctor didn’t even mention it, but he’s under 30, triple vaxxed, and has no risk factors. He, also, got better quickly.

There’s no shortage of pavloxid, and anyone can get it if their doctor thinks it’s a good idea.

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My dad is on his last pill or 2 of Paxlovid today. He started turning the corner yesterday. Not sure if it was the Paxlovid or time since he was 4-5 days past symptoms starting. Also said he thinks there are some side effect of the Paxlovid (for an hour or so after taking the pill everything tastes like metal, and it is giving him “the poops”).

My mom has been trying to seperate she admitted really wasn’t doing the best job (and they were near each other a lot the first couple days of symptoms until he tested positive). She’s still negative and feeling fine. Hoping it stays that way.


Pops had been completely symptom free since the weekend, even got a negative PCR test on Monday.

BUT… started getting a stuffy nose last night, was worse this morning. Went back and got a drive through rapid test and it came back positive.

He’s now mad that he took the Paxlovid, saying he probably would have ended up fine without it.

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Despite the risk of rebound, pavloxid has been correlated with a significantly lower risk of hospitalization. fwiw.


This is somewhat analogous to people who get upset at getting COVID despite having been vaccinated.