The covid cooties club

We’ve had covid at least once. Always accepting new members.

I attribute getting it mainly to-

  1. Having kids
  2. Going to a lot of things with other people around.

I attribute my case to

  1. Being human
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I attribute my case to

  1. Living in a red state
  2. My husband drives a school bus.

But mostly 1, as they weren’t driving but were gathering at the time we got Covid. Most of those guys were having unmasked backyard BBQ’s at the time.

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Exactly what an imposter would say.


Been studying hard for that Voight-Kampff test. :crossed_fingers:


Had it last year, pre-vax.
Wife didn’t get it, son (lives with us) and his gf (90% lives with us) didn’t get it.

Obligatory Simpsons meme:

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What’s that saying about not wanting to be in any club that would have me as a member? Yeah, this feels like that.

But regardless, I am in.

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Yeah, having school-age kids is a huge risk factor.

I mean I (probably) had covid because I spent a week in a hotel room with somebody who tested positive for covid. I believe the reason she got covid was incidental exposure plus weakened immune system. Because we didn’t do anything that I would consider “high risk.” We drove to the hotel room and it was a sleepy off-season resort town, so we were often the only people in the restaurant. Her theory is that when we played bingo at a brewery tasting room with literally 5 other people, she didn’t disinfect the bingo dauber.

That seems weak. We know both that lots of non-humans have caught covid, and that lots of humans haven’t caught covid.

I attribute your covid to having gone to school with a bunch of other infected children.

Breathing the exhaliations from the other 5 people seems more likely than the bingo dauber, but who knows?

That seems weak. We know both that lots of non-children have caught covid, and that lots of children haven’t caught covid.

I have strong reason to believe my covid was not caught from the other kids at school.

I’m in times 2

  1. August 2020 no idea how - we were being super cautious pre-vaccine
  2. November 2021 - daycare had an outbreak

The UK Sox clan joined this club post Christmas, and mother-in-law Sox is making her debut now. Husband and kids went to in-laws (to avoid me, being sick) last Tuesday. Are we next? Stay tuned.

Not looking for repeat customer benefits, but I am in. The rest of the household all tested negative. Will probably repeat testing after home tests come in the mail.

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I’m not in, yet, but still testing and quarantining.