The covid cooties club

We’ve had covid at least once. Always accepting new members.

I attribute getting it mainly to-

  1. Having kids
  2. Going to a lot of things with other people around.

I attribute my case to

  1. Being human
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I attribute my case to

  1. Living in a red state
  2. My husband drives a school bus.

But mostly 1, as they weren’t driving but were gathering at the time we got Covid. Most of those guys were having unmasked backyard BBQ’s at the time.


Exactly what an imposter would say.


Been studying hard for that Voight-Kampff test. :crossed_fingers:


Had it last year, pre-vax.
Wife didn’t get it, son (lives with us) and his gf (90% lives with us) didn’t get it.

Obligatory Simpsons meme:

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What’s that saying about not wanting to be in any club that would have me as a member? Yeah, this feels like that.

But regardless, I am in.

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Yeah, having school-age kids is a huge risk factor.

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I mean I (probably) had covid because I spent a week in a hotel room with somebody who tested positive for covid. I believe the reason she got covid was incidental exposure plus weakened immune system. Because we didn’t do anything that I would consider “high risk.” We drove to the hotel room and it was a sleepy off-season resort town, so we were often the only people in the restaurant. Her theory is that when we played bingo at a brewery tasting room with literally 5 other people, she didn’t disinfect the bingo dauber.

That seems weak. We know both that lots of non-humans have caught covid, and that lots of humans haven’t caught covid.

I attribute your covid to having gone to school with a bunch of other infected children.


Breathing the exhaliations from the other 5 people seems more likely than the bingo dauber, but who knows?

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That seems weak. We know both that lots of non-children have caught covid, and that lots of children haven’t caught covid.

I have strong reason to believe my covid was not caught from the other kids at school.

I’m in times 2

  1. August 2020 no idea how - we were being super cautious pre-vaccine
  2. November 2021 - daycare had an outbreak
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The UK Sox clan joined this club post Christmas, and mother-in-law Sox is making her debut now. Husband and kids went to in-laws (to avoid me, being sick) last Tuesday. Are we next? Stay tuned.

Not looking for repeat customer benefits, but I am in. The rest of the household all tested negative. Will probably repeat testing after home tests come in the mail.

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I’m not in, yet, but still testing and quarantining.