Superbowl LVI Commercials

I don’t think I saw another Superbowl Commercials thread for this year’s game. Here is a link that claims to have them to watch. What did everyone think?

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Avocados from Mexico does another big Superbowl commercial while the US government bans the importation of avocados from Mexico.

Me: Is that Anna Kendrick in a Barbie commercial?

My girls: That’s not Anna Kendrick.

Me (taking their word for it): Wow she sure sounds like Anna Kendrick

Girls: Wait that is Anna Kendrick

All of us: it’s a mortgage commercial?

Me: Is that Will Smith now or when he was a teenager?

Girls: Now.

Me: How does he do that?


Look like a teenager.

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Oh and Pizza Hut delivered crazy fast. Maybe it was the large tip?

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FTR, my criteria for commercials are as follows (in order of importance):

  1. Highlights the product’s value (why should I buy this product).
  2. Makes me laugh or makes me think more about the product (or what’s being sold)
  3. No irrelevant material distracting from the product

I tuned out the second T-Mobile commercial because I really didn’t like the first one. The “sad story” of “doing it for the phones” just turned me off and didn’t really care about anything else they put together. Scored very low on my #1 and #3 criterias.

Agree that the Caesar commercial was hilarious. I think it was my #2 favorite commercial.

Agree; but I gave the commercial some high marks on Criteria #1 and decent marks on #2 for actually having an ad that could highlight their product appropriately. But quite a bit that was distracting (long build up to the actual product). This was my #4.

Agree. High marks on #1 and #2 criteria. But the humor could be distracting from the remembering the product, so lower scores on criteria #3.
This was my #3 commercial overall.

My #1 commercial–and surprised that no one mentioned it (or did I scroll too fast past it?)–is the Jim Carrey “Cable Guy” for Verizon Home Internet. IMO, fired on all cylinders.

HONORABLE MENTION: I liked the avocado commercial. They’ve done a great job each year with their one shot at advertising in the US.

Cable Guy was hilarious. The younger crowd wouldn’t get the reference, but it is still good w/o knowing the reference.

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Funny thing…just last night there was a headline of all avocados from Mexico are banned.

U.S. government has suspended all imports of Mexican avocados

Dang I just bought 2 Mexican avocados Saturday.

Eta: so now that I have read the article, my avocados are not unsafe to eat, but some govt official might be unsafe?

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Yeah…they’ve probably doubled in value.

I saw that, too; but it didn’t affect the Superbowl any.

And it’ll be a temporary situation, IMO.

Correct; political pressure to get the issue addressed.

Well, you can’t make guacamole because of a world-wide chip shortage.
I’ll see myself out.


There was considerable discussion about commercials in another thread (in the Sports section).

Moved posts that were specific to commercials here.

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We especially like the commercial with Meadow Soprano in it. It finishes up in a town very close to me. We’ve been to that restaurant many times, and we travel over that bridge in the backround many times a year to go to the beach.

That show was great for NJ. Really helped stave off some of the teasing for a while cause, ya know, maybe I know a guy.

I know plenty of guys. Just sayin’

Oh don’t you worry, I married into an Italian family

Are they true Italians or Olive Garden Italians?

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They’re italic Romans in New Times

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:laughing: the real mccoy!!