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Who will win Super Bowl LVIII?

Who will win Super Bowl LVIII?
  • I’m rooting for the 49ers, and I think that they’ll win, too!
  • I’m rooting for the 49ers, but I think the Chiefs will win.
  • I’m rooting for the Chiefs, and I think that they’ll win, too!
  • I’m rooting for the Chiefs, but I think the 49ers will win.
  • I have no rooting interest, but I think the Chiefs will win.
  • I have no rooting interest, but I think the 49ers will win.
  • The GoA 42ers are looking really good this year.

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49ers open as 2.5 point favorite.

Super Bowl 58 Odds: 49ers Vs. Chiefs

  • Spread: SF -2.5 / KC +2.5
  • Total: 47.5
  • Moneyline: SF -144/ KC +122

I voted for the chiefs and that I think they will win only because all of my prior picks have lost

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Related Poll: What over/under on the number of times Swift is shown on the TV broadcast would you be hard-pressed to decide whether to bet over or to bet under?

Asking for a friend.

Or, should there be a side “squares” pool at parties for number of times per quarter? Add a dollar or whatever to the entry fee, and your number of Swift showings for the quarter is the eventual KC number drawn for you. (Ones digit only.)

For over/under on TS, I would go 7.5. Buy down to 6.5 for -130.

Don’t let this opportunity to make your voice heard pass you by like Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s quarterback’s pass.

It’s the day, and it’s time for predictions.

I see a lot of people saying “don’t bet against Mahomes when he’s an underdog.” And yeah, that’s been a great way to go: Mahomes is 10-1-1 as an underdog. But that won’t last Forever & Always: Miss Americana’s gonna have a Heartbreak(ed) Prince.

San Francisco 31, Kansas City 17

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I’m gonna wait for my squares, then boldly predict that I will not win one of them.

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KC is ready! :heart::yellow_heart:


I heard that Taylor’s BF will be playing football at Usher’s concert this year.


The Poll is closed.

I remember back in the 80s that the initial kickoff to the SB would have a multitude of camera flashes in the background.

Chiefs defense catches a huge break, because they were getting carved open by the 49ers offensive line.

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INXS’s “Never Tear Us Apart.” Great song. One of Mrs. Hoffman’s favorites. I have no fucking clue what it was doing in that commercial. Jesus would have preferred whoever paid for that ad to spend that $7 million taking care of the poor.

Maybe the worst song placement in a commercial since ESPN/ABC decided to run “Every 1’s A Winner” for the NHL playoffs, where … no, not everyone is a winner - there’s only 1 winner, everyone else is a loser.

If I’m ever stuck in an elevator the last thing I’m going to do is drink a mt dew


Once again, I was surprised to find out a few hours ago that the superbowl was today.


0-0 (end 1st)

Not sure Andy Reid wants his defense to have spent 10+ minutes on the field already.

3-0 San Francisco. Jake Moody drills it from 55 yards (SB record). Could have been good for over 60.

Twisters. If the movie is anything like the preview they showed, I’m taking a hard pass.

Greenlaw apparently gets hurt getting excited going on to the field. That might truly be the most bizarre injury I’ve ever seen in a football game.