Super Bowl LVIII Super Poll II

See Poll I results here.

Vote with your foot…feel free to change your vote or keep it the same…@OutdoormanNowActuary, @frummie, @twig93, & @Hip_tiger, you, obviously, must change your vote if you choose to participate, which, I hope you do.

Who will win Super Bowl LVIII?

Who will win Super Bowl LVIII?
  • Ravens
  • 49ers
  • Bills
  • Chiefs
  • Lions
  • Texans
  • Buccaneers
  • Packers

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Come to the Bills side… we have mafia!

Wow, I forgot all about that poll. I guess I’ll go with the Ravens. They’re pretty hot. (Watch them lose this weekend!)

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Voted Ravens, as they look like the best team this year IMO. I’m a Bengals fan first but love Lamar so I’ll pull for them in the AFC. But I want the Lions the most so they can break their streak… also as a fellow cat-bro!!!