Super Bowl LVIII Super Poll I

Vote with your head…

Who will win Super Bowl LVIII?
  • Ravens
  • 49ers
  • Bills
  • Cowboys
  • Chiefs
  • Lions
  • Texans
  • Buccaneers
  • Browns
  • Eagles
  • Dolphins
  • Rams
  • Steelers
  • Packers
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I don’t have a head. Had to defer to heart.

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No fucking idea.
I can narrow it down to four: BAL, BUF on the AFC side; SF and DAL on the NC side.

Well, that eliminates those 4 then… So, Browns?

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If you can’t vote with your head, vote with something else.

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No, those will be (IMO) the Conference Championship game participants.
Browns look good with that old guy, proving there is more to QB’ing than mere fitness. They could upset Bills, if that game occurs. (CLE, MIA, BUF all win)

SF will come out of the NFC. Nobody in that conference can handle them, especially with them getting the bye week.

They had a dog game against the Ravens. But you can’t read too much into it. Every bounce went for the Ravens. 1 bad pass for an interception and 3 tip drills that were ALL intercepted. Add that to the unusual penalty problems at the wrong times and they had no shot in that game.

The Ravens and possibly the Bills are the only teams that have a reasonable shot of beating the 49ers baring injury. I’d still give the 49ers 55-60% win probability against either of those 2 on a neutral field.

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I think the 49ers will roll into the SB on the NFC side so going with my head I should pick them. I just think this will be Lamar’s year and the will defeat the 49ers in Christmas day rematch that will be much closer than the first because I doubt Brock duplicates the 4 INT day.

But I see the AFC side much tougher to call as I think there are 4 teams who could represent the conference.

Didn’t they have home field advantage and lose by 3 TDs to Baltimore already? You think they will be better on a neutral field?

Did you miss the middle of post you partially quoted?

I read it. I think you’re being overly optimistic. If you want to say a SF-Bal rematch would be a coin flip I could get behind that. Those turnovers weren’t just luck as you imply, they were a result of Baltimore getting great pressure on Purdy.

Also, just in case:
“The bye week made them soft and unprepared!”

I voted Ravens. I have no allegiances to them, I just think right now, they are the most complete football team. I was highly swayed by their defeat of the 49ers in December.