Super Bowl LVI Super Poll

:football: Who will win & who are your cheering for? :football:

Who will win Super Bowl LVI?
  • The Cincinnati Bengals will win, and I am rooting for them.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals will win, but I am not rooting for either team.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals will win, but I am rooting for the LA Rams.
  • The LA Rams will win, and I am rooting for them.
  • The LA Rams will win, but I am rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • The LA Rams will win, but I am not rooting for either team.
  • I’m 42% certain that whomever wins will have the greatest fans in the world, Frank said, but I’m going to be planting 42 hills of potatoes that day.

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Honestly don’t care.
Maybe CIN will fill the place with 80% Bengal fans.

I’d like to see Stafford get a ring . . . and I’m a big Von Miller fan . . .

I’m the type of person where if my team doesn’t go, I’ll root for the team who is in the same Division or Conference . . . unless it involved TB12.

Not super invested in the outcome. Hoping for a fun game.


Whatever it takes to hit the right squares


I voted “The LA Rams will win, but I am rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals.” but I saw some clips this weekend of that Bengals’ qb, and he seems to be a bit of a jerk, so, I haven’t studied the Rams’ roster enough to know if I should be rooting against anyone there…perhaps, the owner.

Got my numbers today:
LA: 6
Cin: 0

Here’s hoping that that Rams open the scoring with a td. :crossed_fingers:

Over/under on national anthem length was 95 seconds. The over wins, at about 1:42.

Also winning: color of her outfit (blue wins at +400).
Heads wins, calling team was wrong.

TBD: is there a scoring drive that takes less time than it took to sing the national anthem.

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21 predict the Rams to win.
5 predict the Bengals to win.
4 predict no body.

The Rock introducing both teams. Um … OK.

Just set the bar appropriately now: nothing that happens during this game is going to be over-the-top. Nothing.




…or maybe not.

Brilliant play-calling by Sean McVay to open up the game. Didn’t help that the offensive lineman was trying to play patty-cake with Hendrickson.

First commercial: … this is not impressing me. I mean, I get what they’re trying to go for here, but holy shit is that a slow-developing thing. No one is going to remember who that ad was for. [It’s Toyota.]

Second commerical: again, cute, but annoying, and no one is going to remember who it was for. [Squarespace]

Third one: Dolly Parton pulling a phone out her busom. Hilarious. Might stick who it’s for [T-Mobile], since it’s apparently going to go on throughout the game.

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Good call on 1st down by Cincinnati. Didn’t have a problem with the call on 2nd down. Why they ran it right into the line on 3rd down, I have no idea. Should have spread it.

Going for it on 4th down: gutsy. Didn’t work. Probably had a short screen that could have picked up the 1st down. It’s early, punt the damn ball and try to pin the opposition deep. Instead, Rams will get the ball at midfield.

More commercials! Rakuten - … cute, people probably won’t remember what it’s for. E-Trade: outstanding. Expedia: meh.

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Close enough.

Let the second-guessing begin.

McVay with yet another play call that outsmarts even himself. Kind of incredible he’s in the Super Bowl for a 2nd time, given some of the dumb shit he and Stafford do. Solid punt return, we’ll see if Cincinnati can finally string some offense together.

More ads: Jurassic Park trailer - awesome. If the move sucks, I’ll be pissed. Carvana - fine, but again … slow-developing ad that I think people won’t remember. Hologic - love the ad’s intent. Don’t think … well, you know. The Coinbase ad: whoever made that up is laughing their ass off that they got paid however much money to put that however many seconds of shit together. Avocados? Cute, will be better if there’s a couple more during the game.

Cincinnati gets on the board with a FG after a long pass from Burrows to Chase, and then they stall out around the 10. And then the Rams run a play, go hurry up and line up like they’ll get another snap off before the end of the quarter, and don’t (by design). Almost feels like 14-dimensional chess there.

Doritos commercial: funny, but I feel like they could have done better.
Meta: OK, I hate the company, will never use its products, but I give them credit for a solid commercial.
Nope trailer: I totally agree.

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McVay makes up for the score from his last time in the Super Bowl. I was really hoping for a 2-point conversion by the defense, for no other reason than some poor bastard who had 3 and 5 on squares and thinks goddamn it, I’m never winning anything with that has a moment of joy and hope.

Cleveland is in a pickle now; I don’t think I’d rely on coming back from down 17+ again.

Michelob Light commercial: that was great.
Chevy Silverado commercial: what the hell is it with slow-developing ads this year?

I think there was something else in there, but I don’t remember what - which tells you everything you need to know.

Bengals have a great drive, eats up a little time but they move it down the field well. Ends with a halfback pass from Mixon to Higgins. Exactly what they needed.

OBJ down injured. Replays show the left knee buckled; that didn’t look good. If he’s out, that’s going to be a huge blow for the Rams.

Rocket Mortgage - Anna Kendrick was great. Here’s a fixer-upper - hilarious.
Disney - all the goats. OK, funny enough.
WeatherTech - great commercial. I kind of want that crew to show up at my house and do that.
T-Mobile: getting better.
Uber Eats: funny.
Caesars Sportsbook: “Caesar tells the jokes around here.” :rofl:

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Maybe it’s always been this way and I’ve just gotten old, but it seems that commercials try to be funny by being stupid instead of being funny. :heynow:

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I really would like to see a rams field goal for the next score.

Stafford does Stafford things. Bengals have 2 minutes to drive 80 [after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty] 90 yards and score, plus they get the ball to start the 2nd half.

Cincinnati acting like it’s got 8 minutes to play with, no urgency to this drive at all. Then they get a 3rd-and-6, still on their own 25, and take a time out instead of forcing the Rams to take a time out. [Which would have put the Rams down to 1 time out, then with the Rams taking a time out on the sack would have left them with none.]

Larry David is right about FTX: it won’t last.

Stafford is throwing rainbows hoping for miracles. Burrows will [better] take a knee, and we’ll go into the half 13-10.

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