Smoking and grilling

Not smoking/grilling, but I was gifted farm fresh eggs again so I made a leek, feta, and lemon quiche.


Glad to welcome you to the family.

What model did you get?

I got this

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That is a nice toy.

I have had one of the ones with the fan for over five years now. It is the single best accessory i purchased for my BGE.

Due to paranoia of rain damage for longer cooks, i also bought this to go with it (not exactly this, but same concept)

Grilled some chicken shawarma tonight

Lamb ribs tonight

Leftovers: lamb hash

I meant to ask ā€“ it looks like you heavily seasoned the ribs. What did you use?

I went with a rosticciana style rub: rosemary, fennel, garlic, a little crushed red pepper, s&p. I spritzed them all over twice with red wine vinegar while cooking.

Keeping it simple today with grilled chicken

Lollipops 2 ways tonight

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Stuffed peppers on the smoker tonight

Grilled shrimp tacos with avocado salsa

Curry and coconut milk pork skewers tonight

Chickens on the smoker today. Grilled some veggies while the chicken was resting

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Char Siu tonight

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Chicken shawarma on the grill tonight

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I was just at Costco, looking at the three-back-rib package. Decided my freezer is too full.

Homemade sauce or bottled?
Asking for a snob.

Homemade rub, bottled sauce this time