Smoking and grilling

Not smoking/grilling, but I was gifted farm fresh eggs again so I made a leek, feta, and lemon quiche.


Glad to welcome you to the family.

What model did you get?

I got this

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That is a nice toy.

I have had one of the ones with the fan for over five years now. It is the single best accessory i purchased for my BGE.

Due to paranoia of rain damage for longer cooks, i also bought this to go with it (not exactly this, but same concept)

Grilled some chicken shawarma tonight

Lamb ribs tonight

Leftovers: lamb hash

I meant to ask ā€“ it looks like you heavily seasoned the ribs. What did you use?

I went with a rosticciana style rub: rosemary, fennel, garlic, a little crushed red pepper, s&p. I spritzed them all over twice with red wine vinegar while cooking.

Keeping it simple today with grilled chicken