Seahawks Are Still For Real This Time

Moore isn’t that bad either.
Wilson and him have special conn.

When Seahawks eventually get the ball again I would love to see a time-consuming drive so I can relax.

Text my friends ar the start of the quarter that I am not comfortable with a 23 point lead with 15 minutes left.

Less comfortable with a 16 point lead with 9.5 minutes remaining.

Yeah, that’s just two TD’s with two two-point conversions. Would love a turnover.

A little more breathing room with that missed two point conversion.

That is not great


Yeah, not taking much time off the clock.

FG range now
Let’s get a TD

7 points is great: won’t quibble that it was not a time-consuming drive.

Clock should have been running there after Lockett’s catch…

Feeling a bit better up 17 with 3:33 left…

But still not confident

I think Lockett rolled over the defender without touching the ground so wasn’t down till he landed out of bounds?

17 point lead with under 2 minutes to go…I hope this is SF’s final possession.

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Just recover the onside kick…

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Looking forward to the Hawks playing my favorite AFC team next week. Should be another high scoring game.

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I look forward to having confidence in this defense
At some point…

I just got a box of “Josh’s Jaqs” in the mail from a Central NY friend.

Such an awkward feeling 6-1

This defense is so bad that I can’t believe in this team.

But Wilson, Lockett and Metcalf are so good.

26 TD for Wilson through 7 games is absurd

Lockett & Metcalf each with 7, and 570 & 680 receiving yards respectively.


I am thinking my predictions about the cap on the yards for the Hawks leading receiver is going to be WAY LOW.