Seahawks Are Still For Real This Time

No chance at a full night of sleep, as usual.

Hadn’t finished swearing over the Arizona interception before Hawks got it right back. Nice.

Same here.

Need a TD and some time off the clock.

Looked like a TD to me…

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That was a TD

Penalties killing us tonight

This defense makes these games so hard to watch.

And the idiotic penalties

Yep, penalties.

Russ was not perfect last night.
And this defense is not hood enough to defeat a decent team when Russ is not perfect.

Game was lost when the decided to run the ball on the Hawks final offensive play in regulation.

So glad I have Kyler Murray in my FF team. I have Wilson on my other FF team.
That last drive was pure genius. They (Kyler, coaches, whoever) knew that the defense would be leaving the middle of the field open, and if you can get 10 yards on every play, you don’t need four downs. 10 yards, spike, 10 yards, spike.

Should have had Wilson practicing with the Defense this past week.

That was targeting by Wagner. That hasn’t been allowed in forever.
Metcalf had the best defensive play of the game for SEA.

Damn overtime ruined by chance for a record time viewing. Took 50+ minutes after the Dodger win.

Yes, all they needed to do to ice the game was to get a first down on that third and two in their last drive in regulation time. Was also surprised by their play selection on that occasion.

They could have thrown an interception, like that one time, in Super Bowl Camp…

So, I expect this weeks SEA game to be televised here, as it is the “National Game” in the afternoon slot. NO-CHI could not possibly be as watchable here. Again, two NFC-[strike]Best[strike] West teams slugging it out vs an inter-division game, while Ram fans watch and learn how football is played?

This a good pickup? Carlos Dunlap? Certainly need more QB pressure from the line, Murray saw to that.

Some good matchups this weekend. Ravens-Steelers game should be interesting.

DK is so damn fast.
He just made it look so simple on that TD

Defense is back trying to lose this game with penalties.

DK is special

Lockett last week, DK this week. Nice for Russell to have two such special receivers.

Defence looks pretty good so far as well.

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Being on the right side of these turnovers feel nice this week.

Hopefully we can get a TD here…and then maybe, the unthinkable???

Yes, it may not go down to the last possession. Russell having a good day as well. Defence just has to be decent from here on in.