Seahawks Are Still For Real This Time

Well, we need a thread over here for this, so i might as well copy the best one from September 2013:

I think this may finally be the Seahawks’ year. I’m not a specialist on the NFL but have followed the league casually for over 50 years from the Canadian side of the border. This team looks speciAlan

And yes, I know it is only week 2!!

And my preseason prediction from 9/8/20

The lack of a homefield advantage from the crowd (for at least the first half of the season) is going to be different for sure this season.

The team looks solid on paper with arguably top QB, secondary and linebackers in the league.

Unfortunately, as always the Offensive and Defensive lines are going to be the issue.

Tight Ends (+Greg Olsen) and Receivers(+Dorsett at WR3) will be exciting to watch, assuming they stay healthy and not suspended. So, I expect to be dissapointed.

Hawks tried to save some money and improve at center with BJ Finney, who has been a bust in camp and has been relegated to backup with Pocic now our starter:exams: Right side of the line will be improved significantly with Lewis (rookie) and not-ifedi.

I have no idea what they we were trying on the DL. Second tours from Irvin and Mayowa represent our entire pass rush. Two rookies sound promising, but one (Taylor) is still on the NFI list. Collier better end up getting snaps thus year, because there really is nobody else. DT should be solid against the runbon with Ford and Reed returning, but there is no depth at all behind them.

No sure really how this will all sort out. Guessing fighting for a wildcard with the NFC West out of reach (similar to the simulation referenced above).

My predictions for the season (assuming 16 games)
10 wins
2nd WC
Wilson with absurd stats, resetting all seahawks records.
Doesn’t win MVP despite having SOME stats better than eventual MVP( from #1 seed).

Carson over 1k
No receiver over 1k

Top five defense
Sack leader < 5

Better road record than home record.

They do look good so far…

Yeah, they are not going to the SB

But with the way Russ is cooking, anything is possible.

Still passing for one yard to ice the game. Carroll (or whoever calls the plays) needs to change that attitude.

Thanks for relocating the thread. It was hard to abandon the old AO one given all the good conversations we have had starting with that great 2013/14 team. Hawks don’t have the pass defence this year that they did back then but their pass offence is incredible. Wilson may actually get an MVP vote this year for a change.

That defense is horrendous.
And it is only going to get worse.

Luckily we have Miami next week, so hopefully we can avoid injury and rest some marginally injured players.

And only one game after Miami before the bye week.

NFC West looks really tough and balanced this year so those six in-division games may yield no more than three wins. Luckily we also play Washington, Jets and Giants this year. Your 10 wins looks like a good projection and we could win the NFC West with that many.

I am really looking forward to week 9 at Buffalo.
I certainly hope the Hawks have some bodies for defense that week, or we might be looking at 100+ combined points.

Don’t know about 100 points but wouldn’t be surprised to see 1,000 yards total offence when Hawks play Bills. The Bills have been my favourite AFC team since 1972 when I started my actuarial career in Toronto. Have stuck with them over the years despite numerous disappointments. Would love to see a Seattle-Buffalo SB but that is a long shot this year.

Hi guys! I don’t have any analysis or predictions other than to say that I’m happy I ignored my fantasy football suggestions that said not to draft Wilson & Lockett and… Go Seahawks!!!

The Seahawks were my favorite AFC team from 1978 to 2001.

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Did not follow the Hawks at all until I moved to Vancouver in 2002 by which time they had moved to the NFC. Thus there was never a conflict as to my favourite AFC team.

I think we can still win tomorrow, but wouldn’t be shocked if FitzMagic tears this secondary apart.

Yes, Seahawks can give up 400 yards passing and still win.

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Decent first half.
Game is a lot closer than it should be.

Cooke might be right about the 500 passing yards

Sloppy first half is causing some trouble here.

As is the 96F heat index.

Have a friend at the game saying it 8s scorching hot in the stadium

Just glad we recovered that onside kick. Don’t need another nail biter.

That 3rd down measurement looked short.

A win is a win is a win.

And looks like we avoided injuries.

I thought it was an inch short but I never look a gift horse in the mouth. Glad there is only one more game before the bye week.