Seahawks Are Still For Real This Time

Hawks favored by 9.5 at home vs Vikings.
Vikings looked better this week, but hopefully the hawks can make it to bye undefeated

Seahawks games usually come down to the last possession so 9.5 points seems a bit high.

By the way, GoActuary is telling me that I need to bring more people into our Seahawks conversations. Never got nudged about that on the AO! Maybe Dr. No and the rest of the gang will find their way here eventually.

Oh well, the back door seems to have been locked, and now we have to return to this dank, urine-soaked hellhole…
SEA-ARI moved to Sunday night which means I can watch it, then read up on comments about it, then myself comment on it sometime afterward.
Yay, I guess.

The LVR game wasn’t even postponed for now. Just moved to the late-afternoon slot, to make sure there was a Sunday Night NFL Football League game on TV.

I sent Doctor No a DM on twitter a few weeks ago.
Maybe I will follow up or maybe he has moved on.
He does have a growing child (seems like it was just born but could be 10 years old, I am bad at time)

I’m confused why Seattle’s game was moved. Did they postpone the original Prime Time game and needed something to air instead and picked the Hawks?

For that matter, I’m not even really clear on why the NFL is even postponing games in the first place but I’m assuming that’s to do with a certain number of players testing positive or something? Not wanting to seem like they’re using replacement players?

Original prime time game is still at serious risk to be delayed or at least being an absurdly trash game.

LV tackle Trent Brown tested positive this week, and the other four starting offensive lineman are in quarantine. All five starters were on the “covid19 reserve list” as of Thursday when the games were switched.

Claim was that they wanted to guarantee that a SNF game happens

So AO is officially dead? I thought it might just be my technical ineptitude preventing me from getting back into it. RIP.
In any event, Go Hawks Go. No Adams tomorrow but I agree Hawks should not risk re-injury by bringing him back too soon.

I think it’s official. TOD was mid-day Friday. I’ve tried two PCs and my phone, and nothing comes up.

twig, the overriding necessity (NBC insists and the NFL agrees) to have SOME game on Sunday Night combined with the uncertainty of the scheduled game’s status meant switching the game times between the two.

This also means that there is probably a contingency SNF game every week, in case of postponement of the scheduled one.

Bigger issue for me is that the Dodger game is on at the same time. One game’s crawler will no doubt spoil the other game. I’ll try to keep my eyes averted. Will be watching whole dodger game first, as there are other interested parties in the house for that.

Good start

Need a few of those today as this AZ offense is pretty solid.

Dirty play by that Cardinals’ DB going low on Lewis during Wilson’s long run.

Just started watching in time to see that last TD drive. Nice!

Lockett is something else!

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Lockett is having a hell of a game do far.

And damn, that rundown by DK was incredible

Just caught that rundown by DK on the highlight videos. Unbelievable sprint! Made up for that stripped ball play a few weeks ago when he slowed down before he would have scored.

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Horrible call

The personal foul on Bobby was garbage

Questionable Wagner penalty was expensive.

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Game had to get close. Can’t win every game by less than a TD if you’re up by 10.

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