Running thread

I got in 65 minutes though, I used to only run 30 minutes on Mondays.

It’s been what, three months with no running? And I still have pain. Man it sucks getting old and healing slowly.

Switched to weight training instead which frankly I prefer anyway. I just miss the cardio.

Sorry to hear that. Do you know if you have one leg shorter than the other? I have one leg shorter than the other by a few millimetres and having a heel raise in that shoe seems to help.

I dunno, but the problem is heavy weight and over exertion. I tend to go hard when exercising and I am a very dense guy. Out of shape football player type, not really a runners physique.

are you swol

even Tian Tao just does the elliptical

I dunno swol, more like heavy muscular with the full effects of gravity at work. When I’m trim and at a reasonable fitness level I still bend the scales at 250. So heavier than that when I’m trying to run off the COVID fat.

You should try biking instead. It’s generally easier on the joints and you can get some good cardio in that way. Or rowing is arguably better.

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when i was heavier I would walk briskly. then mixed in 1 min of jogging and 2 min of walking alternating. then eventually 2 min of jogging w 2 min of rest. etc. eventually when it was 5 min of jogging I could just keep going. but the time exercising was good. I could do that for like 5 miles a day (sometimes split in 2 sessions) and it helped fitness and weight.

That’s what I was doing. Probably still ramped up too fast. I’m no gazelle lol. More like Godzilla running through dt tokyo.

Weights and cycling are much better suited for me, as much as I like doing running events. And unfortunately cycling is too big of a time commitment right now. I love doing 3-4 hour rides through the country.

Take your bike along to your fishing trips.

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maybe posted before, but showed up on Facebook again today

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no watch? i don’t run without timing and getting a sense of pace

Eh, I’m just out there to wear myself out and sweat. All I really need. I know approximately how far I’m running, since it is a park track and the local Boy Scouts put up a sign (they wouldn’t lie, would they?)

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Isn’t he hopping? He’s missing half a leg.

repeated the 1200/800/400 thing. was a touch faster this time compared to last time.

based on that, I already have time goals/expectations for an upcoming 5k (my lone “race” of the year usually). I think sub-21 should def happen. outside chance I can push for sub 20. that said, i tend not to finish anything totally gassed bc I have to live the rest of my day and don’t have time to recover for hours.