Running thread

running sucks


Are you giving us a description of events as they are occurring?

You just need to find the right place for it.

I may not have been descriptive enough in my first post, I would like to report that running also blows



Well you see back in January I was like, okay this totally sucks but once I can run up to an hour without feeling tired I think it’s going to stop sucking and then today I ran for an hour without feeling tired and it was as shitty as it was in January.

Oh, I usually go for about 30 minutes around the neighborhood just to get out of the house. That I mostly enjoy, but much more getting to some of the nearby trails. Looking forward to cooler temperatures.

Pre-COVID I ran a decent amount, but I’ve been lazy since. Tempted to sign up for a Half in a couple months to force myself to start up again.

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I ran for an hour today. Went faster than I expected. And I was lighter on the scale than i expected. Good day all around!


I enjoy running 5ks. I didn’t used to like running. I didn’t pick it up until after college. I’m not fast, my best time for a 5k is 29 minutes. I’d love to hit 25 minutes one day, but I’d need to lose 20 pounds first.

What exercises do you guys do on your non-running days to get your time up? I need to try doing some things at home to work other muscles. Right now I’m just running 2-4 times a week (depends on the week). I need to incorporate some other stuff, just not sure what.

I agree.

I much prefer getting my cardio via the rower or on a mountain bike. Or sex.

I do strength training on my non running days but I’m pretty sure the only way to get your time up is to run more or slower when you’re doing it.

Are you in a hilly or flat area?

A 5k on my neighborhood loop has about 375 of elevation gain/ loss. Today that’s a 30 minute slug for me, but at one point I was able to break 24 minutes. Running on level ground is fairly effortless by comparison. I might still be able to break 25 minutes or so.

I have a few routes I run that are all pretty flat. I don’t have that excuse :slight_smile:

Training on hills probably helped me get to an overall faster time, if you have that option, it might help.

I’ve never participated in a race. I’m average weight. I just run around the neighborhood to stay that way.

The traditional method, similar to what The President said, is to do interval training. Do shorter distances at higher speeds, run/walk slowly, rinse and repeat. Running up the same hill several times is good because you put in much more effort going up and you can recover on the way down.

Interval training. I’m not a fitness guy but that fits what I am doing naturally. 30 seconds to 3 minutes up, then back down. It’s nice when the terrain provides that and you don’t have to think about it or set a timer.

I got this Garmin thing that tracks stuff like heart rate now

I forgot to mention that if one lives in a location with no hills, one could substitute stairs for hills if there’s a multi-storey building or sports stadium that one has access to. Skyscrapers with elevators are good because it doesn’t take too long to get back to the bottom. Large cruise ships are good too if they have an elevator (ours had 11 floors).

Today I ran 6.2 miles and the whole time I felt like I probably shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning.