Republicans Say the Darndest Things!

He claimed that, with the blessing of the girl’s father and church elders, he returned to ministry two years after the abuse was reported. “I asked their forgiveness, and they graciously forgave me,” Morris said.

I might not have been as forgiving a father if someone molested one of my daughters when she was 12 years old. Guess I am not Christian enough.


Trump surrounds himself with only the best people.


I can’t think of a better spiritual advisor for Trump than a molester.


It would be difficult. He’d have to go to that surgery for giving up his testicles…

More seriously, a Christian should forgive, but there is also a duty to protect others that would include the legal system.

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JFC, the odds of it being the only person abused seem very low:

She was 12 and he was 20 at the time. She said Morris molested her and then ordered her not to say anything about his behavior “because it will ruin everything.” The abuse continued for years before Clemishire confided in a close friend, prompting Morris’ wife to find out and Morris to step down from the ministry, according to the report…

Clemishire told the Dallas Morning News that her family never condoned Morris’ return to the ministry, despite Morris’ claim to the contrary.


Feels almost a certainty there is more than one survivor, and if not I would assume it’s only for lack of access.

Pretty much every story seems to have multiple survivors.

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What?,another right wing Christian groomer? It’s almost an epidemic.


I agree a Christian should forgive: it was the second aspect of that forgiveness, blessing him with a return to the ministry where he could easily re-offend, that I struggled with mightily.


Forgive, sure.

Ever be allowed to work or volunteer in a job around children again, never. That would include pastor.


Arguably the worst, or at least among the worst jobs you could give to a pedophile.

I’m debating whether a pediatrician or a teacher might be worse, but at least those still don’t have the excuse “if you tell anybody then God will be angry at you.”

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Pediatrician is probably #1, teacher/pastor/priest/youth director/camp counselor, and of a host of other occupations are all probably pretty high on the list.

Oddly drag queen performer probably wouldn’t be in the top 100.


Pediatrician is worst because certain touching can be “explained” as normal

The special problem with pastors is they are viewed as religious and held in unusually high regard: parents trust them totally.

When I was only about 8 years old we had a very religious neighbour who took my 10 year old brother and me to an old-fashioned rural revival meeting. I was uncomfortable with his physical “friendliness” and told my mother afterwards: she dismissed my concerns because he was such a “good” man. However I refused to go with him to any subsequent revivals. Many years later, when there was more awareness around pedophiles, I raised this again with my mother and she just shook her head saying how stupid she had been to trust him.

In high school we had a Principal who was a pedophile who groped one too many 13 year olds, including my brother. He groped the son of a school board trustee after which he was quickly removed. My brother did not see the wrongness of his actions at the time and would not have dreamed of reporting the principal. Fortunately, another boy did.


Acceptable exception to excluding pastor: Pastor for prison ministry, from the inside.


…unless that prison pastor was at a juvenile facility.


Maybe that’s one of the reasons the MAGAts are upset with drag queens: it moves kids from a safer area where they’ll be entertained and blissfully ignorant of the sex of whoever is reading to them, to the “safety” of a “more proper” place where they’ll be guaranteed to know the sex of the person in their presence, but they’ll be “filled with the Holy Spirit” as someone else is getting entertained.


Note this was before and after Tulsi left the Democratic Party for being too “woke” and joined Fox News as a paid contributor and endorsed multiple Republicans.

Just a liar believing whatever rakes in profits.


It’s a darndest thing, but not in the usual sense of this thread. I assume there are Republicans on the House Ethics committee

I doubt they’ll take any action before election day, however.

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