Republicans Say the Darndest Things!

Mark Meadows: ‘We are not going to control the pandemic’

A golden soundbite for Biden to run with a week before the election as COVID surges.

Thanks for reviving this! I hadn’t noticed it.


Accidentally a trans ally!

Accidentally socialist!

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Here’s the one I was looking for!


Accidentally universal healthcare!

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It sounds like they are explaining this to small children.

CPAC will produce plenty of content for this thread.

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CPAC will likely be a minor COVID spreading event.

It will definitely be a major idiocy spreading event.


Golden statue of the ex-president at CPAC.

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Just saw that and came here to post it. WTF is that.

I think there was a story about golden idols once. Not sure where I saw it though. Probably not important.


The CPAC stage is a giant Odal Rune, and more specifically the one with wings used by the SS.

Yes, just saw that as well. I keep getting ninja’d.

I don’t see how anyone here wouldn’t think a gathering of a bunch of Republicans isn’t really a bunch of Nazis in disguise.

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Donald Trump fulfilling another item on the anti-Christ check list.

Is this the kind of crap they talk about on MSNBC? I’m sure they went to the trouble of designing a stage to look like a symbol that almost no one is aware of. Yep, definitely not just the much-more-plausible explanation of it being a coincidence…

Not a coincidence when the people on the stage are pushing for a white Christian authoritarian ethnostate.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but 0% chance they designed the stage thinking anything remotely near that angle.

Sometimes the circlejerk on here is laughable in that multiple supposedly-educated people would actually believe something like this.

Ever worked in marketing? Ever done a product rollout? Ever designed a stage? I have. It was purposeful.