Republicans Say the Darndest Things!

lol, is that real?


I guess why not take credit for it? Let’s see how far Trump can take being the complete owner of the truth.


It’s real and it’s glorious.

Of course his supporters will all believe him.

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Trump factually did cap insulin prices for a somewhat narrow group of diabetics, the IRA does it broadly. Trump fans are focusing on the fact that there was an executive order under Trump and ignoring it’s gaps.

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In case it’s of interest:

Here’s the CMS press release from Trump’s executive order: President Trump Announces Lower Out of Pocket Insulin Costs for Medicare’s Seniors | CMS

Here’s a news article from the start of this year, discussing the impacts of the legislation under the Biden administration, as well as other developments (like the major manufacturers caving to pressure to introduce $35/month programs for uninsured individuals):

Some other bloated orange ex-president said that stuff, not me!

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What a fucking deranged maniac


Dude is over here like I implemented the Marian reforms, dramatically changing the US military!

So is it Part D : Trump, rest of Medicare: Biden, other Americans: drug companies?

Thought I’d posted this but not seeing it, I must have only discussed it which I know I did:

CO GOP calls for Pride flags to be burned down. Referencing a slur that could get me banned here or fired from work, they use the term “God Hates Flags”, invoking the hate group the Westboro Baptist Church.

The GOP also connects non-heterosexuality with pedophilia, again.

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I think it’s:

Trump administration: executive order covering Part D.

Biden administration & Congressional Dems: convert Part D provision to legislation, expand to Part B, etc.

Biden administration, et. al.: Pressure Big Pharma to provide a way for uninsured patients to have costs capped. (Sounds like it’s not automatic; hopefully patients are told how to access.)

Some states, etc.: Updates to copays, etc. for people covered by private insurance and Medicaid.

Does Elon count as a Republican for purposes of this thread?

For those unfamiliar with AfD: 2024 German anti-extremism protests - Wikipedia

Ah yes, the party of German ultranationalism and xenophobia, believes that Muslim immigrants are a threat to German society, wanting to ban the domestic slaughter of or import of kosher meat, against LGBTQ rights.

Basically just add some more modern beliefs like denying climate change and being anti-NATO, it sounds like a callback to the 40s. I’m not sure how the Nazis were on feminism - I’m guessing not great, but they may have cribbed anti-feminism from more modern conservatives too.

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Passing that cognitive test certainly seems to be one of Trump’s proudest achievements. Rightfully so imo.


I don’t think he has passed a lot of tests in his life.


Senator Ron Johnson better get his medical qualifications real quick so that we can know who he was talking about.

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So 6 years ago Trump didn’t have dementia. And this matters today why?

How many names has Trump mixed up? This isn’t as bad as Pelosi / Haley, but it’s a story he tells constantly so he should know it.

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