Republicans Say the Darndest Things!

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Well, ew. At least they included consent, I guess? But I struggle to understand these “rules.”

Some things are better left a mystery.


As near as I can tell, they’re attributing a decline in what they see as masculinity in society to p*rn additiction, and therefore they want single men to get off the couch and interact more with single women, while non-single men are supposed to get out from behind their computers and into bed with their significant others.


Yep, gotta keep mom barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen where she belongs popping out babies to counter the great replacement theory.


\textcolor{red}{\text{Would any Republican advocate any sex without consent?}}

The NYT looks at the splintering of local Republican committees (should be a non-paywalled link):

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I just caught up on the Tucker Carlson M&Ms thing. That dude has some weird sexual fetishes.


It is so funny thay M&Ms is trolling him/fox news to create hype for their super bowl commercial.
And news stations and papers are reporting on it like it is a legit story.

Even a person at MSNBC dot com is thinking “what a dumb idea”:

Does M&M know what kind of people watch football, even?
So, cue Carlson stage left in the SB commercial, cuz everyone trolling.

When I first heard that expression almost 50 years ago I was struck by how much it said in just a few words. Had not heard it uttered for a while but it still resonates.

From my Yahoo news feed (originally from HuffPost)

Do “darnedest things Republicans said and retract” go here? Never mind; even as corrected still “darnedest”.

This was also in my Yahoo news feed, but with link to the original since there’s more commentary than I’m including: George Santos Admits 500K Personal Loan to Campaign Wasn’t ‘Personal’

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Guess who’s back in the news for lying? No paywall at this link.

Surprisingly, I don’t find that too offensive. On the plus side, they are made in his state and he said these were inert. (Explosive ones would be awful, but specifically saying these were inert is better than being silent on that.)

Also much better that is was military weaponry rather than weaponry available to civilians for killing civilians.

Yeah it’s a little weird, but not too awful.


Please tell me this tweet was from 2-6 years ago…

Nope. Yesterday.

Unbelievable. Did you cut off another paragraph “Then proceed to the Republicans in the Senate and Trump’s nominees to the Supreme Court, and proceed to eject George Santos from the House”?

To summarize this newest scandal. Anyone feel free to clarify if I have the details slightly wrong.

He originally verified that the funds came “from the candidate”, and his fiduciary at the time seemingly agreed.

He later “replaced” his fiduciary with somebody who never agreed to the position, and (IIRC) on the same day re-filed his FEC reports without the knowledge of the “new” “fiduciary”, then blamed it on him.

There was also something I heard on the radio - campaigns need to report expenditures of over $200, and Santos has had something like 19 $199.99 expenditures at the same restaurant.