Remembrances of Pillow (from the actuarial outpost)

This is a poster moreso from the first decade of the AO (so the name may not mean much to a lot of you), but Pillow passed away suddenly last Sunday. :cry:

Pillow and I first started talking on the AO and became good friends, and at one point worked together at MegaInsuranceCompany for a couple of years. She even played a large role in me meeting MrsUA, and MrsUA and I were a small part in helping at Pillow’s and MrPillow’s wedding.

I eventually moved on to other companies in different cities, but she stayed there and had a good life going with her family and career. After I left MegaInsuranceCompany we kept in touch somewhat regularly, but as time went on we talked less and less as our lives became busy. We hadn’t talked for a long while, but we still exchanged Christmas cards and such, and I kept thinking off and on that I should meet up with her for lunch again sometime and catch up in person… but now that’s not going to happen.

Since I can’t say it to you in person any more, I’ll say it here: Thanks for everything, Pillow - I was glad to have you in my life. :cry:


I definitely remember the screen name. I don’t recall her posts though as my memory is terrible. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend :people_hugging:


This is when I’d look back on old posts to remind myself who that was, but stupid DW Simpson killed them all.


I remember Pillow. I’m sorry to hear she died, and condolences on your loss.

There’s enough overlap between posters on the old AO and here that if you want to start a new thread to talk about her, I think that would be completely appropriate. Or maybe you have said everything you want to say.


yeah, an actual ao poster who died deserves their own thread.


I came out here specifically to make sure you all knew about Pillow. She was so nice. Linus got to meet her once and is super broken up about it.



Pillow was somebody who I considered to be a good friend even though we only met face-to-face just once and we have drifted apart as the years have moved on… She was a wonderful person who brought much happiness to those around her. As sad as I am though, my heart absolutely breaks for her husband and two sons. RIP, my sweet and kind friend.


sorry for your loss.

Is it inappropriate to ask her name IRL?


I didn’t know Pillow IRL but I do remember her from the AO Fantasy Baseball League where she participated for a season or two. She seemed nice from my limited interactions with her. RIP

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Ditto to everything ao_fan said. RIP Pillow.

I remember her fondly, though (AFAIK) I never met her in person. RIP.

I think it’s fine to ask. I can understand why those who know her might not be comfortable sharing, however.

I’m curious who she was, but I’m like close to 100% positive that I never met her.

I’ve never met most of the people I’ve met “on line”. I’m fairly close to some of them despite that. I wasn’t close to Pillow, though, although I remember her fondly.

AFAIK, I never met Pillow IRL. I do remember her from the AO. She’s missed. RIP.

How did she die?


All I know is she collapsed at home on Sunday morning, and was taken to the hospital where she passed away.


I never really sought out posters IRL, so if I knew her it was not through here.

But I have done this a very long time and have made a lot of contacts, so, I am more curious if I knew her that way