173 - 77%

Nature tends to be an early word for me, but got the science angle so early, I didn’t think to go that way

115, 34.78%

I had to cheat at the end. I knew what the article was describing, but had to pull up a map to get the actual name. Literally never would have gotten it, my obscure Canadian geography knowledge is lacking.

55, 45%

Cheated. I knew it was a an island in or around Canada, and I’m pretty much dead in the water on naming those.

I solved today’s Redactle (#227) in 27 guesses with an accuracy of 51.85%.

Used google maps, and a list of seas to find beaufort sea then the island.

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87 - 40% cheated

164 29.88% cheated, obviously

I got that it was an island in Canada’s NWT. I pushed on longer than I should have just to make sure it wasn’t something I might reasonably know, but it’s not.

1, 100%. I saw ‘over-and-under’ and ‘side-by-side,’ and shotgun was my first thought. Plus some things that appeared to be measurements. If you’re not familiar with shotguns, I could see this one taking a bit.

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oh duh, I should have scrolled down and actually looked at phrases. BLAM! I actually got it from game birds

I solved today’s Redactle (#228) in 46 guesses with an accuracy of 67.39%.

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Sounds like you were, dare I say, shooting from the hip today.

19, 63.16%

131 - 85%

all around it early, just didn’t think of the actual topic

174 - 56.9%

Massive assist from my gf. I knew it was gun related. But I was in a hotel room on my phone. It’s very hard on the phone because the keyboard and everything take up most of the screen. It’s very hard when you can only see a couple of lines at a time

28 96.43%

Yeah, I gave over-under and side-by-side a minute’s thought right at the start and, while it rang a bell, I just couldn’t place it. I’m not a gun person, but I still might have gotten that eventually. After some common words, I started plugging in a bunch of single-digit numbers, hoping to get an idea of size or weight or quantity or whatever, but I never really looked carefully to see what turned up, as there were quite a few hits. I’m not even sure why, but my first real guess after that (at 25) was ammunition. Maybe it was “what’s something that could have a lot of numbers?” idk

I play about half the time on my phone and I agree, it dials up the difficulty quite a bit. I’m on an iPhone, and forever toggling the keyboard on and off so I can see more of the text. Playing on my 24" monitor is really helpful.

67, 67%

I could see it was international but I was thinking maybe a business, or a business group. Also considered manufacturing maybe. Banking is close enough that I got hits. The big help was when I got ‘states’ and then figured out it wasn’t the United States, that got me to ‘EU Member States,’ and then bank. I had European and bank by 50, took me 17 guesses to get ‘investment.’

Oops, they must post it at 8am PT now, I guess because of DST? Oh well.


113 - 69%

cheated for the first word

I solved today’s Redactle (#229) in 127 guesses with an accuracy of 60.63%.

Bah, should’ve gotten it sooner.

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94 67.02% cheated

Opposite of PZ. I only had the first word.