I solved today’s Redactle (#20) in 6 guesses with an accuracy of 83.33%. Played at

A wikipedia-based game – words from a top-level wiki article are redacted, and you guess words.

You guess words and they become unredacted. I made a good guess from formatting on some of the starting unredacted words to get this one in 6 guesses (I had to use 2 guesses to get the 2-word entry).

I must be in the wrong place, the article I am looking at is huge

I didn’t realize I had to get the topic, so I started with common words, that were not useful.

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Yeah, I didn’t really understand before starting. I used a lot of guesses, and finally got it. But I should have gotten it in two because right away I noticed “Out of ____” and my first guess was Africa. I would have jumped directly to the answer if I’d known what I was supposed to do.

I saw that too, but seemed like a stretch to start there if trying to fill it all in

I solved today’s Redactle (#20) in 9 guesses with an accuracy of 88.89%.

Thanks @meep

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t describe it too well.

You’re trying to ultimately guess the wikipedia entry name, but you are guessing any of the redacted words to help you… which get uncovered if you hit any of them. It will tell you, to the side, how many instances of your guess showed up in the article, which may also help (if you don’t want to read the whole thing).

and I used the phrase @vjvj did to figure out what the article was… (once I also figured out the point of the puzzle). I saw “Out of” was italicized, and it made me think of “Out of Africa”… and I went from there.

I initially guessed a few common-ish words that I thought would appear in a wiki article to see what would happen (one was “president”… that’s not a very good word to guess, though).

Yeah, maybe rather than “didn’t understand”, I guess it was “trying to figure out how it works”, because ultimately I understood I needed the heading.

I see they don’t do a new one until 11AM. So I’m guessing they’re doing it during the day because they’re doing it manually and don’t know how to schedule it to become available at midnight?

67 today. Although again I did some just playing with it. It took me a lot longer to find a place to start this time, but I had the general idea at about 25. By that point I already had biology, animal, and kingdom in the first sentence. Some of the wasted time was because it only does exact matches and I was looking for concepts that didn’t exactly match the words in the page. study vs studies was the important one here. I’d guessed the first, which didn’t point out the occurrence of the second in the first sentence. That would have clarified things a lot. After the fact, I noticed there is a setting where it will try both the pluralized and singularized versions of the guess and that might have helped in this case.

Oh, also, even though I knew what I was looking for, I just plain couldn’t come up with the word for a while. I knew it was the “opposite” of botany at about 25.

easy, peasy 152 guesses

Still working on it, but I’m starting this post now while I’m wondering what the bbeepp is up having with and by next to each other in a sentence? Those words are there from the get, no need to spoil anything here.
Ok, “dealt with by” did not come to mind.

Took me 133 guesses today with an accuracy of 51.88%. I got stuck on the fall of the Roman Empire and headed down the wrong track.

I’m just trying this and already confused.

I’ve guessed two words, which I don’t think give much away so I’m not even going to spoiler them.

I guessed “first” and “history” and it says I’ve made 4 guesses (writing out the numbers because I don’t know how to count down in reverse order):

four - history
three - histories
two - first
one - firsts

So if you guess a word it automatically assigns guesses of similar words? Are those going to count as guesses in my final tally?

this one took me a lot longer:

I solved today’s Redactle (#21) in 110 guesses with an accuracy of 45.45%.

Note that redactle refreshes at 11am CT

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Tips and Quirks
  • Each guess must be one word only (Guessing multiple words at a time will not work).
  • Most Punctuation is automatically revealed in the article page. Some punctuation occasionally escapes Redactle’s filter and becomes redacted.
  • Guesses are case insensitive , and letters with diacritics (é, ü, etc) are considered to not have those diacritics.
  • Shift+Enter will attempt to automatically pluralize or singularize your guess. There are certain edge cases (e.g. guessing a nonsense word like “asdf”) where this will submit nonsense guesses.
  • You will likely encounter some formatting and punctuation quirks. These are a result of stripping away certain characters and elements present in the original Wikipedia article that don’t play nicely with Redactle.
  • Many common words are automatically revealed for your convenience. The list includes most English prepositions and articles. Guessing these words does not count toward your score.
  • Check the Settings menu for configuration options

This is one of the options in settings:

Attempt to automatically pluralize and singularize guesses. There are certain edge cases (e.g. guessing a nonsense word like “asdf”) where this will submit nonsense guesses.

That is unchecked and it was doing it anyway.

It took me 233 “guesses”, including the plural of the actual word. I think only about 115 real guesses. Also I did some dumb stuff on my first try.


Each time I"m getting worse.
#20 21 guesses 71.43% accuracy
#21 67 guesses 53.73% accuracy
#22 got nothing to focus on, basically, after 59 guesses

336 guesses, but over a 60% hit rate

This was basically me.

I solved today’s Redactle (#22) in 319 guesses with an accuracy of 56.11%.

Ha! At guess 101 I came up with Buddhist (after I’d uncovered “the first truth of”). I"m still not there, though.