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Tired of tech support calls, I put my 75yo mother on linux about 5 years ago. This weekend was the first time she’s had any difficulties in that 5 year span (I used to get calls routinely). And the only reason she called was because she’s about 3 versions of llinux behind and something was complaining about her browser being too old :).

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Hey, let’s go invade the Reef!


I just helped my neighbour drag in a 170 lb treadmill into his house!! :muscle:

Shouldn’t you be working?

I am now. You gonna write me up or something??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Or maybe give me a stern frowning??? :angry:

[newspaperemoji] [/newspaperemoji]

Go travel.

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Dems fightin’ words…


Go study.


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The correlation between chinese food for dinner and chinese food for lunch the next day is high.


The sneak a cup feature while brewing coffee is very appreciated some mornings.

Jerry: “So, maybe they had Chinese food?”
George: “After dark? Please. At their age, that’s like swallowing stun grenades.”
Jerry: “Well, there’s one way to check. Where there’s Chinese food, there’s leftovers.”

Do people usually over order for chinese food? Or are we suggesting that chinese food portion sizes are big?

I think back in the day the americanized chinese takeouts do give you huge portions, but nowadays an entree barely fills me up.

We both over-order and the takeout containers are huge from our preferred restaurant. I get three to four meals out of my homestyle bean curd. My spouse gets 3-4 meals out of the rest of the food. A single teriyaki chicken for the kids feeds all 3 of them a full meal.

We usually intentionally over-order, because a lot of Chinese takeout is good leftover. I’d say prob sizes vary a lot from place to place. But we are familiar with the places we usually order from.

Always way over served around here. We ordered a meal suggested for 5 people. It fed 6, and still had some leftovers.

My wife and her sister are comparing the boots they bought. Guess that’s one way to do a boot-y call

I wish I would have saved the inconsequential signals thread.