Random Thoughts

I just realized what Covid’s done to my attire. I have one pair of shoes right now, a crappy pair of sneakers. All my decent work-wearable shoes got discarded probably in march with a ‘should go get new ones soon’ and any decent sneakers have worn out. Except I never got to the shoe store and with wfh I rarely even wear shoes.

I’ve zero interest in going into a shoe store right now but I guess I may have to as I expect to be in-office occassionally in January.

I went through my closet and cleaned out half of it to throw away/donate.

Basically, if I haven’t touched it/seen it/worn it in the past 12 months, I’m never going to wear it.

I wonder who made the very last post on the AO.

I wish the soa would replace the FAP exam process with a reality TV show like “pimp my ride”, “celebrity makeover”, “queer eye”, but for MS Excel.

And that all the actuaries I have to work with were strapped to a chair and forced to watch 5 seasons of it, clockwork orange style.

Probably ao fan?

Probably not me, because I’d been off it for a day or three when I first noticed it had gone down. I wonder if the wayback machine could answer that question.

For anyone purchasing holiday gifts for their family and friends through Amazon, be aware that although what’s inside the box may be gift wrapped, the packaging label may say what is in the box (husband got a rice cooker from my parents and package description said “rice_cookers”).

It may have been you. Then we can say, “OMG, Kenny killed the AO. You bastard!”

I just wish they would rename it. Every time I read it, I end up thinking about that old “ceiling cat” meme…

The Ottawa half-marathon just sent me pics from my 2018 run, trying to sell me more pics.

Why is it that in every pic it looks like I’m walking not running?

Maybe their cameras are too slow to get a good photo of you running

Yeah, that’s it.

I do half marathons with a friend. He targets sub 2 hours. i target sub 3 hours. So we start at the same time but he’s got to wait an hour at the finish line for me lol.

Thank goodness, I qualified for free shipping on an SOA webinar.


I was fixing a bug in one of my programs when a fly appeared on the screen. For a moment I wondered if it was a new feature in Access.

Son, that’s what we used to call a bug.

An elderly mother of someone I know recently died of cancer. But because they tested positive for COVID (which had nothing to do with anything) the death certificate came back saying the reason for death was COVID.
I wonder how much COVID death overreporting is going on.

How exactly can you ever know this?

Probably not as much as the overreporting of heart disease. That’s what they put on the death certificate if someone dies of natural causes, and they don’t bother to check what happened before filling out the certificate.

I have two relatives whose death certificates say “heart attack” who died of something unrelated to the heart.

If you get a new phone, you will generate an enormous number of security alerts in the process of setting it up.

If you slice up some fruit and put it in a long sandwich, does that make it sublime?

Not much