Random Thoughts

I hate the sound of my own voice. I hate hearing myself talk on video or audio recordings because I just sound like such a moran.


I don’t mind my voice. I don’t mind the actual act of public speaking, but I dread doing it beforehand.

I’ve read that the dread of public speaking never goes away, even as the ability to speak comfortably settles in. And I agree with you, I’m comfortable speaking publicly, but am just as happy not doing it.

Unfortunately since everyone seems to think I ‘can do it’, I always get pegged for public speaking. I’d like to put my foot down, time for someone else to do it while I sit back and enjoy a beer.

Agreed. I hate hearing my voice’s echo through someone’s mic. It’s like a more flamboyant version of me talking, and I wonder why anyone would take me seriously.

I don’t actually hate the sound of my own voice, i just couldn’t imagine any actuarial forum without a random thoughts thread, so I duplicated the first post from the AO of what might be the most-posted-in thread of all.


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I feel lied to.

I also hate the sound of my recorded voice. I may have a bit of a regional dialect which I only notice when listening to recordings.

I have a bad habit of leaving a message and not identifying who I am. I’ll go on for 60 seconds, hang up, and then think, I hope they figured out who that was.

Anybody know how I can not have replies continually spamming my email junk folder?

i dont have a single email notification. Surely it’s something you can turn off

Settings, preferences, in there you can turn it off by setting it to never

Click the avatar picture in the top right corner of the screen. Go to Setting/Preferences/Email. You can adjust things there.

I got a basic microphone for my computer to facilitate Sunday School discussions in person plus people calling in via zoom. And as for the sound of my voice, it does sound rather dull and monotone. So I do sort of despise it just a tiny bit.

Hmmm I guess putting asterisks around a word causes it to be italicized

In a personal finance forum someone asked about the costs of operating different types of lightbulbs.

I was able to knowledgeably contribute to the conversation.

That’s good random conversation. Absent the old “dreams you remember” thread:
My friend jumped off a cliff into water, and at the time I was to afraid to do it. In real life I have jumped many times from 5m but in my dream it was probably at least 10m. So we went home - not far - and I decided I could do it now but couldn’t get anyone to come with to witness it.


and bold is ** around the text.

***** does that produce asterisks in Italics?

OR bold around just one *