Random Thoughts

Oh yes, they’re to be kept in the coldestpart of your freezer, right next to the Reese’s PB Cups.



I’ve never tried them frozen and happen to have a bag of them. Will follow up later.

this is actually somewhat disturbing

Chocolate Reese Chocolate Sticker - Chocolate Reese Chocolate Yummy - Discover & Share GIFs

I see the appeal of frozen Reese’s peanut butter cups.

I also see a pattern of me indulging in sweets and my plateaued weight loss.

I still don’t know why the algorithm is sending me Spanish language ads. Maybe it’s a subtle way to advertise language learning software…

In fact, that’s brilliant… serve up a foreign language ad, then follow it up with a duo lingo ad.

I have news to share but it’s currently under embargo.

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I have zero motivation.

To do:
Buy milk
Return a library book and Amazon item
Fold laundry
Get dressed
Go to gym
Play with dog

What I’ve been doing for the last few hours:
Drinking coffee
Scrolling on my phone

Clearly I’m unsupervised atm


@Echo: Daddy got lotsa free time on his hands right now!!!

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She got her belly rubs while I was on the couch.

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Will wait for @Echo to confirm.

Nocilla >>>>>>>> Nutella

(found the former at World Market)

Better than nothing.


While not an earth shattering invention, the sneak a cup feature on coffee makers is well appreciated.


That rooster in my neighborhood should post to one of the bragging threads because he, obviously, has a lot to crow about.


I really wish big tech would stop forcing AI down our throats.

On my work computer, the “AI assistant” asks me if I want it to rewrite my code. The thing I just spent the last 4 hours on? Umm… NO!


Ooh… this model was last run at 15:15:15 on 05/15/15


Could there be a smudge on your screen?? A yuuuuge smudge???