Random Thoughts

No it was just a single apostrophe



Found a dead chipmunk in my garage. Quite unexpected.


The dog says you can’t prove a thing.


Did you see a sign outside that said “Dead Chipmunk Storage”? No, do you know why? Because storing dead chipmunks ain’t my flippin’ job!



The other night, one of the cats brought a chipmunk they’d caught. :slightly_smiling_face:

And then proceeded to eat it. :slightly_smiling_face:

:neutral_face: :nauseated_face:

Not new, but it popped up today. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/KkPKeNRX0IA

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The court has been pretty flexible in accommodating both witnesses’ and jurors’ schedules in the case I’ve been observing. However, it’s a multi-month-long trial with close to 150 witnesses (there are a lot of charges).

It seems a bird is making or has already made a nest in one of my hanging flower baskets. I scared the crap out of both of us when I went to water it today. Now I have to figure out how I can still water the flowers without disturbing the nest.

It’s Flag Day.

Is there something we’re supposed to do? It’s on every calendar and I’ve never seen a soul care. We already have a 6x4’ LGBTQ Pride flag flying on a rainbow flagpole.

I hang my flag on such days. Oddly, my wife didn’t want me to as for a while it felt like everyone flying a flag was doing it as a trump supporter, I felt it was time to recapture the symbol

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It is annoying that the abusive fetishization of the flag has turned the flag into a MAGA symbol.

I don’t necessarily assume it of somebody with a flag out front of their house or a little flag decal, but the tattered flags hanging from trucks, or a variety of flag-themed decorations or bikinis or Thin Blue Line flags and other things that violate the Flag Code… I just assume you’re MAGA and not very bright.

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What I find even more annoying is most of those people use the flag in a manner that totally disrespects it

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Agreed, I don’t care for having Trump Photoshopped onto Rambo’s body with a bald eagle on top of the flag.

I don’t fetishize the flag myself, but if Americans are going to disrespect it then I’d like to see it over something meaningful, like protesting the Vietnam War. Not dragging your Punisher American flag off the back of your truck in ribbons.

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Canadian flags used to be rare. never saw people fly them. With covid, our maga crowd started flying them on their cars to protest the measures, and secondly to complain about the prime minister. Now every time I see a Canadian flag on a car, I associate it with a low IQ driver.

give it a listen!

and…I’m done. great album. stay to the very end for the live “goodnight irene” jam.

kind of rough but a few of my faves on it. was their 2nd (and the band behind the lead singer was being assembled and gelling). the beer I am getting today (shipped to me from rhode island) involves the band!

Person at farmer’s market representing a church: “Is there something you would like for us to pray for?”

Me: “Yes, there is. Can you pray that Florida State’s athletic programs become so bad they go through an entire school year and lose in every competition - like, finish dead last in things like golf and cross-country and so on - and then they keep doing that to the point the school decides to shut its athletic program down completely?”

Person: :dotted_line_face:

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Someone should make a thread you bump every time you’re looking for the thing you’re holding in your hand. I picked up my phone after my shower and was scrolling GoA, walked out of the bathroom, and stopped to go back to look for my phone.

Yeah, I’d be bumping that thread a lot.