Random Political Thoughts

What is new is the focus of boycotting any product that tries to make an accomodation or appeal to the LGBTQ community.

Right, and they are very proud of their success.

They got enough rednecks to boycott a company that the company then had to backtrack enough to piss off liberal customers.

A decade of social media exaggerations of woke extremism reinforced by foxnews coverage during primetime is finally paying off!

It won’t stop at LGBTQ related objections.

O M G I saw a young couple sitting on the front steps of CFH the other day :nauseated_face:

the guy had that douchey thick curly hair and kind of a mean mug; he gave off Young Ted Kaczynski vibes … the girl looked like she can’t wait for her belly to be filled with racist babies

Yep, that’s an interesting question.

Suppose Target has special merchandise expressly highlighting Pride Month. I can see that as something that can be pulled and they just go back to business as usual.

If “it ends” with objections to special events and merchandise, I can see an end. If it becomes, “They have a gay vice president, so boycott”, I think it runs out of steam.

And, there’s the issue of choices. There are a lot of beer brands available. There are fewer brick and mortar general merchandisers. It’s easy to boycott a few high fashion companies that feature trans models. I’ve seen right wing comments about "I stopped watching the NFL when they went all ‘woke’ ". But, for people who were actually fans, I think it’s hard to keep that up.

I think that mass market companies won’t go out of their way to advertise a “woke agenda” and they will be fine.

My knew favorite Congressperson: Jared Moskowitz D-FL

It is becoming a cult.