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Opinion article in wsj, Trump Lost to Himself - WSJ, has this quote:

In other words, Mr. Trump failed to extend the Republicans’ re-election streak of one-in-a-row.

It’s a good pillow, but the owner is nuts.

Was there a summary of what his “docu-movie” discovered?

Probably the closet thing is just Trump tweeting “WE WON!!!” in December

That’s all the evidence I need!

Honestly, it’s not even possible to get 75,000,000 votes and lose.

Well to be fair, you’re the one adding the word “Republican” in there.

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were two-term Presidents, so as they wrote it, the streak was 3.

Streaks of consecutively re-elected Presidents:

Note that “consecutively-re-elected” is a little different from serving in two terms. (LBJ and Cleveland don’t count, but Washington, Lincoln and Nixon do)

Washington (1)
Jefferson - Madison - Monroe (3)
Jackson (1)
Lincoln (1)
Grant (1)
McKinley (1)
Wilson (1)
F. Roosevelt (1)
Eisenhower (1)
Nixon (1)
Reagan (1)
Clinton - G.W. Bush - Obama (3)

So actually, a string of three consecutive Presidents all winning re-election is rather remarkable.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I was never very good at reading.

Indeed. That’s quite interesting.

:question: Give it four years, I guess.

I just got a “responding to your message” from my Senator. I don’t remember contacting anyone about this subject (high speed internet), but it seems like the sort of thing I would do. It was probably one of those “click this link to send our form letter to your government representatives” sort of thing. [red]I guess it’s comforting to know that my senator cares deeply about me.[/red]

Just noticed my neighbor with a shirt that’s says “freedom isn’t selfish”.

Isn’t it, though? I’m pretty sure sometimes it is. The question is, is it okay to be selfish sometimes?

exercising one’s freedom can certainly be selfish at times.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin is from Wisconsin but not Baldwin, WI.

I’ve never known Ted Cruz to do anything that’s not self-motivated, so this headline struck me as, shall we say, interesting…

Ted Cruz says Texas should repeal ban on gay sex

Trying to reposition himself as a moderate Republican? Which by today’s standards has a pretty loose definition. He’s up for re-election in 2024 so maybe shoring up his moderate credentials now?

I’m in training, getting ready for school to start next week. One of the ladies from district look, at a glance, way too much like MTG.

I freak out a little each time she comes into my field of vision.


Democrat College students are less tolerant of opposing political beliefs than Republican College students…

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