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The communal enforced forgetfulness of the long time USSR enemy is flat out amazing to me.

Obviously not in recent years in many ways.

That was when they were communist. Now that they are more fascist it’s much better.

Disagree, MAGAs love Netanyahu.

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hate Palestinians more

Dammit, we hated fascists too, killed a bunch of them. Haven’t these woke-ass Trumpkins watched “Patton”?

That was only like 5 years. We were scared of communists for 40 or so.

tl;dr: Finland will now be formally admitted into Nato at its next summit, taking place in July in Lithuania.

How in the world was Finland not already in? They border USSR/Russia… you’d think that would be powerful motivation to join.

I mean, I know they weren’t… been following the story a bit, but it just seems crazy to me that they weren’t.

Well, it’s a long story…but it has at least something to do with “don’t poke the bear”.

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I figured that must be the reason… didn’t realize there was actually a pejorative term to describe the phenomenon though. TIL.

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I think i remember when the Ukraine invasion started, Russia threatening NATO ( or threatening Finland), if they were admitted

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Well they were hot & bothered about Ukraine joining, for sure.

I think that there’s basically an unstated requirement to join NATO that your borders have to be undisputed, which was never really the case for Ukraine. IIRC Russia has been griping about Crimea and Donbas essentially since the USSR broke up in 1991. But I think NATO has an unstated goal of not wishing to get involved in border disputes.

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I would love for Russia to respond symmetrically. Its asymmetric actions are the destructive ones. Also note article date is June 2022, so “fresh” in headline isn’t relative to today.

OK, “love” is a little exaggeration. If symmetric meant “for defense” I am totally cool with that. However, troop buildups aren’t always for defense.


Sanna Marin out as prime minister Finland.

What’s the real story with that UN report that supposedly calls for pedophilia to be globally normalized or whatever? There aren’t many links on it (and the few that are out there seem to be very fringe-y so I don’t want to link them), which means either they’re trying to cover it up :tfh: or that Mike Moon is exaggerating things so he can run for Secretary General.

I know that The Blaze is fringe trash, but just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about:

I’ve skimmed the report and read a couple articles about it, I don’t see anywhere about pedophilia. Specifically there’s no language surrounding adults having sexual relations with minors.

I would presume that the intent here is, “Even if your country says that you cannot consent until 18, we claim there are cases where people younger than 18 can consent.” Take 2 average 16-year-olds for example. In general I’d say both are capable of consent.

The stronger point that seems to be emphasized is that any enforcement of sexual relations regarding minors should be applied without discrimination on sex or gender. I.e. We should not assume that a 16-year-old male is capable of consent while an otherwise identical 16-year-old female is not.

Similarly, we shouldn’t assume that a trans child can consent (and therefore might be punished) but an otherwise identical cis child cannot.

The reporting by Fox et. al. appears to just be “groomer”-style paranoia.

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Ah. So it’s basically just the UN asserting that children have rights (which they’ve already done) and not the Build-a-burgers meeting up for pizza in DC.