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It’s completely gross that some people in the social-media-verse are using the Damar Hamlin conversation to shovel their anti-vax shit around. (“I wonder if he was vaxxed” etc.). :man_facepalming: Like, come on.

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Agree. Seems like this happens with every noteworthy death / serious illness. Moronic.

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Since there doesn’t seem to be a separate thread for Santos issues (I really don’t want to start one, but if someone else does, future posts will go there.
Will Santos alleged history as a drag queen be enough to have the party drop him?

I didn’t see the picture in that article, but here it is. I am in no way qualified to say whether that is or isn’t Santos.

Here is another one I saw. I can’t say it’s him but it does look like him. He is denying it, but his word isn’t worth much.

His answer, no matter what, will be a lie.

And that fact alone will keep him in the party.

Same outfit in both pics. Different eyebrows though. Are there any pics of Santos not in drag with eyebrows like in the second pic? It would take time to go from those waxed (or heavily tweezed) brows to his regular brows.

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in his defense, he has said many things that are detached from reality.

  • “I was not a drag queen. I was young, and I had fun at a festival,” Santos told reporters.

He wasn’t a drag queen, he was just your typical young guy having fun.

And the party he belongs to wants to make that kind of fun illegal…

Although, as twig pointed out, he did some serious work on those eyebrows. This doesn’t quite feel like a night on the town.

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It’s getting a bit tedious but for those interested in the latest Santos absurdities:

“We have already suffered an attempt on my life, an assassination attempt, a threatening letter, having to have the police, a police escort standing in front of our house,” the then-congressman-elect told the Brazilian podcast “Radio Novelo Apresenta” in December.

Santos alleged his Florida home was vandalized in January 2021 “because we were at a Republican party” to celebrate the new year.

And he said two white men mugged him “in broad daylight” on Fifth Avenue in the summer of 2021, stealing his shoes, watch and briefcase.


At first I thought this said “two white men hugged him in broad daylight.” :ohmyyy:

someone once claimed they could shoot a guy on fifth avenue in the middle of the day and not lose any votes. I’d find out who said that and question them.

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Blast from the past:

Can you provide some context?

I hope it’s real as that’s a horrible thing to misattribute. If it is real… :grimacing::woman_facepalming::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If Santos denies it we can be quite sure it is real.

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