Professional Golf Thread

Yes, playoff do not determine the best; they only determine a champion, same as every sport. And Golf (and NECKCAR, etc.) are worse off as sports (not financially, mind you) for it.

Masters champion Jon Rahm to the PGA: go fuck yourselves.

Yes, he sure is “comfortable”: Makes a shit-ton of bloody money, doesn’t have to compete anymore.

Bump for the countdown to McIlroy getting paid:

If everybody comes to the Dark Side, does that mean there’s no more Dark Side?

“From a certain point of view.”

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Woods no longer getting free money from Nike.

Hmm, I wonder what entity could fill that gap in pay? Only have to sell one soul, maybe one of the kids’ too… Already going to play golf but not going to win anymore, which is where I would earn it…

I’m guessing that the negotiations were cordial: Tiger wants X, Nike willing to give Y, where X > Y, and no compromise was reached.

Bump for The Masters, don’t need a separate thread anymore, as fewer are caring.

Rahm, you were paid to shut up and golf.

No one is going to listen to you. What are you going to do, give up your blood-stained money and go back to earning your paychecks?

“middle aged white guy circle jerk week” in the office. can’t wait to see all the dudes in the qtr zips w the logo begging someone to ask if they played there once.

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Bump for Masters, which just ended.
Hate my YouTubeTV, which requires 15-second jumps and no option for continuous FF.
Hate my TiVo, which had 30 second jumps and allowed a faster watching speed with audio. Cuz golf is exceptionally slow.
Morikawa exceptionally so, but it seems all of them are now. Two minutes of walking around the green trying to figure out how to putt. Two minutes of each shot, wondering which club to hit and where to hit it.
And since the YouTubeTV feature is way clunkier than my alleged “outdated” and beloved TiVo, I have to hope not to miss something in that 15-second window, else reverse 15 seconds and watch it in real time.
Anywho, someone won, and it was not any of the Blood Money Gang, and I cared less than last year.
I can see Scheffler getting offered $400M and taking it. This move would dilute the PGA even further, and LIV Golf is just waiting out the PGA’s demise, cuz aforementioned Blood Money.

Sheffler was boring as all heck. And it worked. Stayed out of trouble consistently. Hit great approaches. Hard to root for a grown man going by “scottie”

He crushed the rest of them by not wavering or folding

Mr. Pippen would like a word…

I think you proved his point.

Things make a little more sense re Rory’s shift to easing up on LIV:
He’s getting a divorce. Guessing someone had the goods on him.

So, he appears to own up to it rather than be under someone’s thumb.

Here’s a link from a friend who has a subscription:

Who names their daughter “poppy”?

Big drama in the golfing world now.

Is this an “entitled athlete disregards rules, F’s around and finds out” situation or a “Cops overreact to person driving slowly 100ft on the shoulder to get to their turn”? Kind of unclear to me at the moment. Felony assault of an officer charges seem like a lot to me…

He eventually gets to the course after being released and birdies his first hole lol

Report from Jeff Darlington (ESPN), who was literally in the car behind Scheffler, said that Scheffler seemed to behave just like other golfers/caddies who were waived through to get onto the property. Driving the marked car, flashed his credential. Seems like maybe he did something to tick this particular officer off…I was picturing him saying something like “get the eff out of my way…don’t you know who I am???”

somewhere in the middle.

pro golfers are accustomed to being treated…really really well in and around the courses that host their events. total white glove stuff.

he pulls up and thinks the cop is just a security guard. waves his credential and drives around the excitement bc…that’s what they are used to. there’s often excitement at the players entrance (in all sports) and they drive through it all the time. (shame goes out to the folks who didn’t tell everyone this excitement was real and terrible so be prepared for a different experience.)

cop jumps on his car to make a point bc cop isn’t used to anyone ignoring them. driver doesn’t stop immediately bc maybe still didn’t realize cop (pro athlete in total familiar bubble zone here) and…hillarity ensues.


Masters Champion
New Father
Booked felon

Fun spring!