Political Humor Thread

I think it varies a lot by state (as everything in the US). In NJ and the northeast generally we have relatively strict gun laws and few mass shootings.

It probably is the prevailing US political view (% of US population), but would have tough going in either House or Senate.

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The problem is that it’s politically improper to try to do anything right after a mass shooting, and there always is one.

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I disagree, but too many still vote in the politicians who control it

Per what?

Asking for a friend.
These charts with numbers with no denominations suck.

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I agree fully with your statement above as I meant political view to be what politicians would do as opposed to the general population view. The two can be very different and that doesn’t just apply to US

There is little separation for this in rural areas.

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Yeah, and the income tax is only 10%.

(Grrr, that’s a newer board that doesn’t give the 10% option. Also the original luxury tax was $75.)


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I understand. There are countries that I won’t visit on principle and even some US states.

Doesn’t matter whether it is the US public or the politicians that are failing to push for significant gun control here. The bottom line is that nothing is going to happen in the US in this regard and that says something about us as a country. The important takeaway is we seem as a country to have accepted frequent mass shootings as inevitable.




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Are we supposed to know who that is?

Elon Musk

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Did Ron ever get to announce his candidacy yesterday? I saw some clips where it cut out, then came back, then cut out again, rinse, repeat. I saw a report that at one point they made some rando a moderator or whatever and that person ended the meeting and they had to reboot it, was that true?

At any rate, what a shit show.