Political Humor Thread

I don’t think we have a Political Humor thread here yet so I’ll kick it off.

I present Rudolf the Leaky Lawyer. Includes audio and some slightly NSFW material

Miracle Max to the Trumpkins: Have fun storming the Capitol!

From Reddit:

they are now in the building, watching c-span now

I would’ve thought they would’ve changed the channel to Fox by now, or can they not find the remotes?

Warnock and Ossoff in the Senate
Shaka, when the Capitol fell

Hearing the word “sedition” makes me think of my 8th grade history teacher who erroneously wrote “Alien and Seduction Acts” on the chalkboard

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Give 2021 a chance to get going first






Who was it that said they liked Kevin James movies? Saw this beauty on the photoshop battle subreddit.

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The grizzly bears have put out a statement in the wake of DeVos’s resignation:


Translation: We will stay away from your schools, don’t worry. We can see what happens when you don’t have a good school system. Thanks for getting rid of the shoot-the-bears lady

The hero we needed

Someone made this picture for chuckles. I thought it was mildly amusing. The reaction from Trumpkins was amazing, with many promises to never go to olive garden again and threats of violence. The poor olive garden social media person had to reply to these numnuts all day because they didn’t bother to read the prior responses.

Even if it was legit, what kind of person threatens violence over not getting all you can eat pasta? That’s some white privilege poster child shit.

Someone put this up in Atlanta

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