Parody threads - works in progress

That’s great!

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My Kilts

How to rig the pharmaceutical market - oh wait, that’s political truths that aren’t funny.

Tea Bagging Thread

Is cheese easy to observe?

Ruining Thread

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Elon Musk

Picking up a hooker for the first time (also reminds me of an old AO thread)

Things to consider before buying a horse

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I can beat 50 eggs

My Quits

BMX disaster


Sweathog demand

Any other Welcome Back Kotter fans around?

Drunk odor

Filling question

Do I need to get an old silver filling replaced, or is it better to just leave it as is?


Only if it is loose or there is a crack in it. Might need a crown or root canal.
Oh, this isn’t the parodionty thread…

The Thanksgiving 2022 Concussion Thread