Parody threads - works in progress

I’m in a gut - Probiotics

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Party threads

Goa/AO style - there is a little private goup though in the works.

Random thighs

VIP Thread

I’m in a hut

Not my choice of ideal vacation accommodations but I’m making the best of it


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i might click on that one!

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Vanity of vanities, all is vanity! See our fall sale now!

Creams you remember
Pay raise to bitch jobs
Today I burned
Happy Mexican Dependence Day

Lesbian Financial Crisis

I knew this was gonna happen. I think I’ll start making threads for the sole purpose of getting mentioned here.

Adorable Housing

for a small house that's a big pic

Affordable housing

lebanese bologna crisis


Are nice girls meaner to their husbands?

Barbecue Varmint

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Nashville hotel with early morning shuttle service to T&A.

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Mathematics Lunch and Learn: Probability Waves

Birds and Snakes Thread
Aeroplane Thread

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Lenny Bruce thread?

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