Parody threads - works in progress

Thread where doctors diagnose actuarial issues

Do you have insurance?
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I am insurance.

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Non-political non-truths that are not worth sharing and aren’t funny

Table salt is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

What happened to Kenny?

Carnivore knowledge
So I was raised a vegan but now i find myself meat-curious. What do i need to know?

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Cat knowledge

Best things to put hot pot in

The Kiss Thread

Why am I irregular now?

ASS sucks

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“My Guilts”

I thought that was the Catholic thread.

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Dam that’s interesting

Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (Hoover Dam Bypass) | HDR

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Been there!

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XXX should be taught in school

Thread to bump when you take blood :man_vampire:

Naw… Regulation 30 is a pretty advanced / specialized topic for high school… I’m ok with it not being taught at that level.

Making the bread

Surprised @Breadmaker doesn’t already have such a thread!

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What happens when you don’t grift for 7 months?

I wish we could have 7 months without Trump.

Will Elon Musk untie us?


My Crazy Area (Western Northchester County)