Parody threads - works in progress

Bonus points for providing the link to the original thread.

Fill the Kilibuster!

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Phil, the Kilibuster

Parrotty thread - works in progress. Post your African Grey pics here

Parity thread - works in progress. Is it political or software?

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How to heel - my thread about trying to train my pup

Although weather is impossible to predict, I assure that sometime in June, the Atlantic Ocean will be host to Bill the Killibluster.

Elf-driving vehicles: Are they good enough to save Christmas?

Should I ask for my bosses roll?

He got one on the side when he ordered his salad, and I don’t think he’s going to eat it

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Stupid and fat in New York

Grifted in NYC. I am beginning to think this isn’t a Rolex, should my wrist be green?

Android’s new enormous cock

Word spoilered as NSFW

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Wife extender woes. - does a marriage license need renewing?

TWSS Thread

I’d subscribe to that.

Favorite professional farts

Any legendary crop dusting stories you can share?

“Why is the BBC so big??”

90 day burping challenge

Mannoyed Thoughts:
Had it with manspreading? Been mansplained to once too often? You are definitely mannoyed.

Commercials that mannoy me

All beer commercials.

I’ve got some personal ties to the Swedish Bikini Team, so I can’t hate them all.

Hanoied Thoughts.
I’ve been thinking about The Domino Theory: If Vietnam falls, is China next?