Official Pokemon Go thread

Just got randomly kicked out a raid when just needing to refresh my Pokémon on a remote raid invite. Grrr

If anyone wants to invite me to get a Groudon,

How did you get postcards from the Tundra habitat?

I have friends in Japan, but their habitats have all been Elegant.
I’ve added trainers from Norway using, but they’ve all been Polar or Icy Snow.
I’ve added trainers from Sweden, but they’ve all been Continental.
I’ve added trainers who said they were from Iceland, but they either sent gifts from other countries or stopped altogether.

I made a post above on Jan 19th describing what I did

Thanks. I’ve been too chicken thus far to join Discord groups in places I’ve never been and don’t speak the language, but perhaps it’s time.

I’ve not gotten around to that, either, but it’s on my list. I’ve been friends with several apparent spoofers and got 10 of the regions just from them, but they seem to have stopped. I’m guessing they very methodically went through the regions but I didn’t start opening any until after they were already halfway through the world.

7K per excellent throw with the egg on helped me get this yesterday