Official Pokemon Go thread

Back by popular demand, we need an official pokemongo thread!

also, they just unveiled some new stuff and that they are gonna increase the cap from level 40 TO LEVEL 50!!! OMG. I still need to read all the deets on that though.

excited to get my legacy level 40 metal. That’s almost as good as the 20-year pin that I WILL NEVER EARN FROM THE NOW DEAD AO.

As for me, I finally got one of my buddies to best buddy level (Mewtwo) thus increasing her cp level. She’s perfect IV, so now she’s at the increased cp level and also has legacy moves that kicks ass in the battle league. I suppose I’ll need to amass more candy to increase her again once this redesign starts next year.

It’s about time this thread got new life here at GA

by “popular demand” i mostly meant you requested it.

Has anyone else been having trouble with raids lately? I haven’t done one in a while. Twice in the past couple days I’ve tried a tier 1 raid because I have the “Win 2 raids” task. Both times my guy didn’t seem to do any fighting at all and I bailed after it was clear I wasn’t doing the slightest bit of damage.

i haven’t done any raids solo lately, but any of the raids i’ve done otherwise have been fine i think?

I cleared cache and memory and raids started working again. It’s kind of weird, as I’d not noticed any other problem.

Btw, it took me some time to re-find this thread. I’d kind of assumed that a thread had to be in one of the subcategories, but this one isn’t. Another thing I learned.

Right from the start I’d decided not to spend any money on Pokemon Go. But I’d heard I could get some Google Play money by signing up for Google Rewards, so I did that. In theory I"m giving up privacy, but they really aren’t learning much they don’t already know from my location (yes, I stop at McDonalds almost every morning - they ask me that literally every day, then give me between $0.30 and $0.60 for admitting that and saying how I paid).

I"d been using this to buy some incubators and passes, but haven’t used much lately. I was shocked to find out I’ve accumulated hundreds of dollars in the account. I guess I"ve got some raiding to do.

looks like they moved it to “games”. I should have put it there to begin with. Navigating this site is still somewhat confusing to me.

TFW, you’re battling and accidently hit “use this party” on the default and then it’s too late to go back, AND THEN ACTUALLY WIN.

accidentally got muchlax, lopunny, and absol and they kicked ass!!!

did the game stop giving candies for feeding pokemon in gyms? i was trying to do that homegrown melmetal strategy by getting candy from gyms, but haven’t gotten candy from that for like a month now. starting to think they got rid of that feature.

although, might make sense that they got rid of that since you can get 3 of those rare candies if you win 4 of 5 battles in the battle league.

my finger was getting super tired from battle league. i just had to give it a rest. banging on my phone continually can’t be god for the phone either. it’s on it’s way out anyway.

GBL is just a dust mine for me. The locals that are serious and devote hours of their time to it seems to struggle to be top 1000 in the world.

i’m confused by it. i just won 5 of 5 in a lineup and then 4 of 5 and my ranking went UP, not down. also, the needle from level 20 to 21 did not move at all. wtf?

i assume level 21, which seems to be impossible to get to is where you get that ace badge thing.

oh, in googling, it is supposed to go up, not down and when you get to 2000 you reach ace level. i’m still confused why the needle from 20 to 21 does not move at all though.

@Hotkarl where do you see if you’re top 1000 in the world?

This has top 500, they are extrapolation based on where they finish outside of that.

where it says “battles” is that battles won or battles fought? if it’s battles fought, which i assume it is, these people battle way less than i do! i have 1,475 total battles, 765 won, so i’m nowhere near that level in wins.

I think the battle counts are just for this season. I am at 400 wins in 765 for this season. All-time, I am 4287/8306.