Official Pokemon Go thread

Never really got into PvP, but I know that’s the favorite part of the game for a lot of folks here. I’ve been stuck on level 43 for a while because I didn’t feel like grinding out the required battles.

I decided to try to get through a few today by battling in the Winter Cup. So far 8 straight wins, no losses. Many of my W had all 3 pokemon left.

its way easier to win at the lower levels. when you get to ace level (level 20 i think) it gets a lot harder. will have to research ideal pokemon and movesets at that point.

i find it fun.

i don’t usually do the cup ones though.

is it always 3x xp for catching pokemon on community day? i never pay attention. that’s a lot. gonna use a lucky egg or two.

Community: PVP is broken. Somethings got to change, Niantic will surely fix this.

Niantic: LOL look how extra extra small this pidgey is!

I’ve got 3 of the vivillon regions with existing friends so far - the two obvious mainland US ones, plus archipelago. I’ve also apparently got marine, polar, and sun friends. I need to keep better track of who’s where.

is it broken? it worked for me today.

agree that the size and weight thing is really stupid.

Isn’t “polar” the northeastern US. Wouldn’t new york be in there thus it being an obvious mainland US one too?

just caught a 100 IV scatterbug from the river region. kickass

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Oh! I had assumed polar was way up there at least in Canada, but I guess it makes sense that they may want to extend regions to even things out more. I’m too lazy to look, but I’m wondering if anyone has come up with a map with boundaries by now.

i found this -

Pokemon Go Vivillon: Map and Patterns - Pokemon GO Wiki Guide - IGN

There are lag issues, but also, the Wing Attack buff that they put in basically turned it into a game or Rock, Paper, Scissors. It is really hard to be good at RPS, but also…it is really hard to be bad at it.

I found out I’ve got existing friends that are sending from at least 9 different regions now. Pretty good for no effort at all. I’ve started tracking where everyone is (or was) finally.

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I should have kept playing, as I won 12 straight and didn’t lose at all in Weather cup. I was busy this week though. Now that Electric cup started I got handed a L in my first battle. Note I didn’t do any research in either to choose optimum Mon for battle.