Offical Video Game Thread

Something something tarnished. Something something elden ring. Something something slay gods. Byyeee!

My daughter brought up the idea of building a gaming computer last night. I remember this being discussed, but didn’t find it in a search (was it back in AO?). So my questions are 1) Is there a thread on it here? 2) What’s the best website for current best builds? 3) And, as much as I’d enjoy building one with her, can she do about as well buying off the shelf instead? I don’t know her budget or her target games yet. I’ve already advised her to not do what she was planning to do - just start buying parts one by one as she can afford them.

I’ve been playing Farthest Frontier for the last few days. It’s got a lot of promise for something that’s early access, looking forward to further updates…

I did this once and regretted it. Basically just unnecessary hassle.

I know there are websites that have both prices and compatible parts. No idea what they are.

Going to the store and just buying what you want will be expensive. But if you scout out a “good deal”, it will be about the same as making your own.

There is a nice intimacy to knowing the inside of your machine.


I’ll try it. I love colony building, in theory. In practice they have just awful pacing. It’s always too hard or too easy. Not to mention all those colony games are basically the same exact thing, give or take a gimmick.

Lol. I came home from work the other day to find a big box by the door. She’d apparently already bought part #1 - a nice, but pretty expensive case. So I guess 1) we’re gonna build it 2) she’s gonna go fairly high end based on the case 3) she’s gonna ignore my suggestion and trickle in the parts.

She also already bought a side table to put the computer on, which was a pretty good idea.

1 Like is a decent one for tracking items and choosing parts. I’m sure there are some example of builds on there somewhere.

I think most of the savings you’d get from building is being able to find rebates and sales on items. It’s a pretty big hassle for not a lot benefit.

I’ve built in the past. Back in HS/College/shortly out of college it was a fun thing to do if I had the time. Kind of like expensive Legos. I’ve just bought my past couple computers. Just enough time to deal with that sort of thing.

I think doing it once for someone younger if they’re interested is a good experience though.

Building a PC is fun. I built my first the summer after 8th grade and used my middle school graduation gift money to do it. I think I bought all my parts on the TigerDirect website. I worked like a champ too! Thankfully I had a friend who had already built his own making sure I didnt go astray. I built one more when I was a junior in college.

Now Im lame and just buy a new laptop if i need one. I still have the one I built in college set up in my wifes home office, we pretty much never use it except to play Sims lol

Buying parts one by one is a great way to learn

As a true actuary I have watched many YouTube videos about building PC’s, but have never done it myself. It looks like lots of fun.