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From ldancer911:

Darksiders Genesis was on XB Gamepass so I’ve been playing that. Overall an OK game as long as you don’t expect too much. Was kind of annoyed for a while that they changed to a top down view. The combat is pretty solid, but the platforming can kind of suck since the camera view is kind of hard to tell if you are actually jumping at something. Not a lot of depth to the story either.

Played Total War Troy that got for free a while back. They really just keep releasing games with different skins. These games were pretty cool when they came out but it’s just been the same thing over and over now and I think I’m done with them. Certainly wouldn’t have bought this, but it was free so figured I’d give it a shot.

Crusader Kings 3 is on gamepass…so I’m going to spend like a hundred hours trying to figure out how to play that.

From The Wizard of Awe:

I finished Bury Me, My Love. I feel like I got a good ending, but that game was emotional anxiety. Highly recommend. Hoping to find a list of all the possible endings on the internet, but not coming up with anything.

From redearedslider:

Nintendo is doing a “limited time” release of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy for the switch. I’m guessing “limited time” refers to the pricing and not availability of the product. At some point I’ll end up picking up at least Galaxy and Sunshine since I never got to play them but I’m disappointed Nintendo didn’t bother doing any remastering to any of the titles, especially for 64. As far as I can tell they are straight ports of the old games.

(OK the last 4 posts) From The Wizard of Awe:

Mario 64 DS had multi-console multiplayer. I was really hoping this collection would have couch co-op to play with my wife. I never played Sunshine. I already pre-ordered this.

I’m assuming “limited time” means that afterwards, they will be sold separately.

I’ve been playing Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the Switch.

It gets frustrating having to backtrack so far whenever you die. The game only saves after milestones and you have to start back at only per-deterimined areas.

Hmm, maybe I should pick up some of those.

My DIL is playing Hades, and recommends it.

I downloaded the Final Fantasy VII remake for the switch the other day. Sure brings back some memories. Played for about an hour.

My quarantine project has been to learn to play video games. I bought a switch, and a few games.

So far, the one I’ve spent the most time with is Minecraft, which i play on my laptop, on a shared server with friends. I’ve enjoyed a lot of aspects of the game, but the largest appeal is that it’s been a virtual place to socialize with other people.

And the game i would recommend to anyone here is “Baba is you”, which I’ve played on the switch. It’s a really clever, funny, inventive puzzle game.

Lucy, Did you ever play games in the 90’s? (I have no idea how old you are)

The Swich has an app for Nintendo and Super Nintendo, Each contains a bunch of games for the respective system. Some oldies, but goodies.

No, i was studying for actuarial exams and rearing babies in the 90s. “Minesweeper” is probably the most complex video game I played then.

Maybe i should pick up the Nintendo and/or Super Nintendo apps. What’s in em? What would you recommend?

You need to have Nintendo Online subscription which is $20 for a year.

I play the Mario and Zelda games primarily. And I have a soft spot for Adventures of Lolo on the NES app

Definitely some nostalgia bias with this purchase.

I forgot the drudgery of the random encounters. If you don’t know exactly where to go, exploring becomes an exercise in pleading with the gods to not run into yet ANOTHER patrol…

:rofl: Granted, it’s actually a fairly ingenious game, for how simple it is.

I’ve been playing Octopath Traveler. I feel like the graphics are quite innovative. Looks beautiful now but I wonder if it will age well. Gameplay and story has been enjoyable so far.

I played it, too. Got to a boss with some henchmen that regenerate. It’s a pain and the fight can be anywhere between like 5 and 15 mins until I’m wiped out of magic an potions.

And however I saved anything, I can’t restart the game anywhere but at the beginning of that fight.

I enjoyed the various story arcs, but wish there was something more to tie them all together. Maybe there is, and I haven’t got there yet. I think I’m like 15 hours in.

I started with a character that can summon and I think if I hadn’t level grinded my way past the first boss I was supposed to summon to get help to fight the boss. I noticed the difficulty is high at the very beginning and then it gets easier and then it gets hard again once you reach the next chapter. At least it kind of keeps me on my toes more than final fantasy where it’s pretty much just coasting after the first boss fight.

Lucy… what kind of games do you like in real life? what kind of movies?
What kind of board games, card games, party games, puzzle games, or sports appeal to you?
Do you just use the Switch or do you use a PC or Mac too?
Do you play with anyone in your house or just online?

I wouldn’t really recommend getting old Nintendo games. There’s some gems, but there’s quite a bit of dreck, and they’re not particularly easy to get into.

I need to look into this one.

Anyone have any recommendations for 3rd person puzzle games with pretty much zero agility required? My favorites have been Rime, The Gardens Between, and Gorogoa, all on xbox. We also have a Switch.

@Lucy - Gorogoa is available on Switch and it is a beautiful game!

Well, Baba is you requires almost no agility, so it ticks that box.

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