News that makes you say WTF?!?!

How do you manage to commit medicare fraud to such extremes that the totals hit $1B?

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Good organization and avoiding Excel misuse

The piece doesn’t mention the amount of time over which these charges were amassed.

This is the casefile I was able to find:

which names multiple companies: [I assume owned by Satay]

360 Laboratories LLC, Movant
Alpha Medical Consulting, Inc., Movant
Clio Laboratories, LLC, Movant
Elite Medical Laboratories, Inc., Movant
GNOS Medical, Inc., Movant
Laboratory Experts, Movant
Lazarus Services, LLC, Movant
Performance Laboratories LLC, Movant

Probably just let the program run over the weekend, picking up fractions of pennies…


…and don’t drive a Ferrari to work the next day.

Not the first time it’s happened.

The governor of FL also engaged in Medicare fraud. Good times.

Holy F’n Crap. Did anyone happen to follow the AJC link in that story and read up on this guy? I’m still a little confuse as to how they got to the 1.2B but it was a conspiracy that they arrested 35 people for, him being one. But his story of white collar crime is amazing based on this article.

So he is on the run and can’t be found, having been released from custody on $500K cash bond. But here are a few of the whoppers from the story. I added the bold below because I truly could not believe that would be said, granted by a former FBI agent involved in these types of investigations, so may or may not be true.

The charges leveled against Khalid Satary, a Palestinian national, could send him to prison for decades. But perhaps the real question is how Satary, who has been under near-constant federal scrutiny for the past five years and was supposed to have been deported more than a decade ago, managed to evade arrest long enough to bill hundreds of millions in allegedly fraudulent tests to Medicare patients.

Satary used middlemen to recruit Medicare patients at county health fairs and senior homes to take DNA diagnostic tests to determine their risk for certain cancers, regardless of whether they needed them, prosecutors say. The tests are expensive — up to $18,000 per patient. And despite the marketing promises, they usually are not covered by government insurance.

Vic Hartman, a former FBI agent who worked medical fraud cases in Houston and Atlanta, said the Medicare scam is similar to many others he worked. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which administer the government health care programs, are slow to catch on, he said.

“It’s pay and chase. The government pays, and if there is fraud you chase it,” he said. “It’s a bad model, but that’s where we are with medical billing.”

Hartman said when he was put in charge of a 50-agent medical fraud team in Houston there were so many scams in the marketplace that officials wouldn’t prosecute unless it reached $10 million and implicated a physician. The genetic testing scam is the same as many before it, he said.

Satary was sentenced to more than three years in prison and released in 2008. The federal government attempted to deport him, but no Middle Eastern country would accept him. After his release from prison, Satary regularly reported in with immigration officials while building a medical testing empire from his home base in Gwinnett County that supported a lavish lifestyle.

It goes on and on and is sickening.

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Glad they caught him. Curious what gems the “beast mode” IRS will turn up.

Guessing Medicare / Medicaid fraud is worse, but I’m sure we’ll read about some doozies.

You mean glad they caught him on the fraud charges?

Because the original article said they had issued an arrest warrant for him because they have no idea where he is.

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Yes. I don’t imagine we’ll get much baby of what he stole, but at least the bleeding is (presumably) stopped… in this particular, large, instance.

four legs good…

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And now you know the REST of the story.


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Fired by Home Depot for helping the police foil a kidnapping. The WTF life of a corporate retail employee. I can’t imagine why ‘people don’t want to work anymore.’

That was a prime opportunity for Lowe’s or Ace to swoop in, hire him, and then advertise “our employees are helpful-especially if you re being kidnapped “

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Wasn’t this a Law and Order episode?