News that makes you say WTF?!?!

My retirement grease!


Shoulda kept the video off.

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Holy shit. I guess I’m not surprised there are still people this racist, sigh. I’m a little surprised the seller’s agent didn’t straighten her out immediately.


I hope the seller gets fairly hosed for that act.


“Hang the Oil and Gas CEOs” I initially read this as dumping the oil and gassing the CEOs. :confused:

Not super WTF but close enough. Doesn’t look like they lost full CC data so maybe lower risk. Nice how they informed shareholders but not affected consumers. Maybe for $14.99 plus a $9.99 convenience fee they will let me know if I’m affected.


Considering their business practices they probably sold the data and then called it a hack


I know there have always been a lot of sea lions on Pier 39 in SF but the numbers are up to 2,000! Can’t imagine that many of them packed close together.

2000!? That’s a lot.

Unclear on concept: A ton of sea lions!!

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Like, why. :man_facepalming: (I was hoping that Eagle was in northern Idaho to make it even more fitting, but I guess it’s not far from Boise.)

A subburb of Boise.

Like, why not? You don’t get beaten up for being hetero, chicks are secretly happy that someone hits on them though they are not their type, and they don’t take you outside to beat you up. You don’t get killed for being hetero. It IS awesome!! Everyone should be hetero!..
/r cuz too lazy to make it red.

Well that’s the thing that “all lives matter” types don’t seem to get. If nothing else, majority groups don’t need a “___ Month” because they don’t need to remind or be reminded that they exist.

So this pops up in the news email this morning…

I mean, it’s this summer’s murder hornets, I suppose

But do I -really- need to know about this?

I’ve already got brown recluse spiders around. I don’t think I need to know about these assholes.

(and no, I’m not linking this. I’m tired of this bullshit)

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Joros are pretty harmless, fwiw.

They are everywhere here. Not a big deal, other than their webs are gigantic.

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well, jeez, i already got a bunch of stuff that make a mess

But is it a sticky mess?

that’s a personal question